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  3. Caves

    for the good of all of the server and to be fair and equal both for people who just entered and others that should not be allowed to build in caves (turrets and bases)
  4. Appeal

    I was banned by Dan Diamond a long time ago for making a one-line remark about lag, which I think is unjust. I like the server its the best one in my opinion and I cant find another server like it, please consider this appeal, thanks.
  5. Mercy Request once again

    Nevermind, there was a rollback and still have my pre-demoed base
  6. Mercy Request once again

    After I was just wiped and lost literally everything, I demoed all of my remaining structures and got a tiny little metal base with 1 door. The Vanguard comes in and destroys everything i have including my indust forge, vault, and crafting station with all of my remaining stuff even though I had 72hr in my name.I thought I had raid protections but apparently not. Images: First pic is me demoing my base after I was wiped once then second is me being wiped of my tiny base again: https://imgur.com/a/dEIhA My tribe is: hello i am e and yes I am solo
  7. Mercy Request

    I am in need of mercy rule big time. Im solo and have been wiped of everything by Dicks 3 screenshots, I couldnt get all of what they did because so much was destroyed: https://imgur.com/a/ZuJXi I had maybe 10 or 15 high level tames including Rexes, Wyverns, a Spino. Everything was killed, all my turrets were destroyed, all the xplants were destroyed. Every crafting station was destroyed. They basically came in and wiped everything I had. The raid itself was about 2 hours long, it was 4 of them against me and 1 person assisting me from another tribe. But once they were in they showed who won. I didnt get the screenshots of them killing all my tames but sadly it is true they are dead from a Tek Tapeajar. ~Thanks for your time
  8. Requesting Mercy

    protection added @ 10:41 am est
  9. Requesting Mercy

    <3 u
  10. Requesting Mercy

    I will add protection in the morning.
  11. Requesting Mercy

    Requesting mercy plz our tribe name is Arsenal Members- Me, Doublemint Dave and EternalCodez Screenshots of Logs-1st screenshot,2nd Screenshot I'm new to the game and my friends just haven't played the game in about 6+ months we were raided when we were set-up and we want to play again but we are just too much plebs and cant get up set-up in a way that we think will be helpful yet i would love if you could just hook us up with the 3 day raid protection we would appreciate it alot!!
  12. Dark and Light, Pvp Server

    ark is a different animal. DNL is much different, no plans to wipe dnl.
  13. Dark and Light, Pvp Server

    Any ideas when there is going to be a wipe? Just wondering since the Ark server wipes every 3 weeks or so.
  14. dark and light pve server

  15. dark and light pve server

    is the pve server gone for good?
  16. mercy rule

    my tribe was raided 2 times in last 12 hours and we have lost all most every thang besides a few tames that where not at base at the time. so we need time to rebuild before we get destroyed even more.
  17. Dark and light PVP Unofficial LAG

    The lag in the PVP Dark and light unofficial server is unreal. You can only attack once with a mount, then it rubber bands you in one spot for 5+ seconds unable to do anything. I know it's not my server, but with the amount of people playing on it. It should at least be restarted twice a day. If it were just me then I wouldn't post this. However its everyone in my House on the game and other players as well when I asked in chat.
  18. Dark and Light, Pvp Server

    I think they had a soft wipe the other day.
  19. Dark and Light, Pvp Server

    I am on the DNL Pvp server with Two other tribemates and we had not logged in at all yesterday and logged in tonight and our base was completely gone, and all the resources were respawned. Nothing destroyed or killed anything in our tribe log and our two longhorns and one kebo were alive and just chilling where our base was. Another server mate informed us their base was not destroyed or wiped. I wanted to inquire further on our next steps. I also have attempted the Discord, and I understand things are not instantaneous and this is early access and everything, Just we had put a lot of work into the base we had. -Solemnly, Emergence
  20. New Players

    Man this is unplayable for new player. There is a big letter in the chat in red saying that new players have 72 hours protection. I build a few billboard around the base saying new player tribe yet me and my friend got raided, all dinos killed and getting camped outside the doors. For 20 mins we could even go outside there was 4 or 5 players from tribe Inmates waiting to kill us as we open the door, they kill all our starter dinos. Its just not fair. After that they claim that they didnt care for new player protection, invalidating the rule. We are just starting, we just want our 3 days peace to build a base and have a chance to fight back. At this rate its impossible to start in this server as a new player.
  21. Server wipe time?

    Spoke to admin ingame, useally wipe 3weeks~ depends on player count. Problems with mod abusing or something. reason for the quick wipe
  22. Server wipe time?

    This server useally wipes every 4day or what?
  23. Mod mismatched?

    Issue fixed
  24. Mod mismatched?

    I tried deleting all the mods and re-installing them but i have a feeling non of the issue's on my end, anyone else having trouble with this? First time it's happened since joining, thought I'd mention it incase it was a server issue or a specific mod that needs updating.
  25. THE server is NOT working

    The servers mods need to be updated its not lettibg me join back and I have a 165 wyvern that I will not be able to 100% imprint on UPDATE THE SERVER
  26. THE server is NOT working

    The servers mods need to be updated its not lettibg me join back and I have a 165 wyvern that I will not be able to 100% imprint on UPDATE THE SERVER
  27. Viking Bay ship

    Tribe Bad Boys built in underwater biome
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