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  1. Yesterday
  2. Banned a year ago for racism

    u there
  3. Last week
  4. Thank you all who were able to help test the server out this past week, we now know what we need to tweak. We will update you all when we are able to finalize a launch time. Thank you!
  5. Hello, Great server! Never seen a server put together so well. There's a giant problem with Mortar and Pestle (S+ or not).. They are extremely buggy! Let's say I have 5000 Stone and 2500 Flint in there. By habbit, I'll hover my mouse over the "Make Sparkpowder" icon, and press A until it goes dark. (indicating you are already creating the maximum quantity) It doesn't really do anythng, it might create a couple, sometimes it will make a few hundred when you're lucky. So then I thought I'd be smart, and calculate beforehand how many to make. I'd do that, and same thing happens. It creates a few. Al together, Sparkpowder, Gunpowder, Cement Paste is EXTREMELY PAINFUL to create. It requires baby sitting like no other. Admins please please please fix!
  6. Rust server launching this Thursday

    Server just launched
  7. Earlier
  8. Rust server launching this Thursday

    can we join yet unofficially? ^^
  9. This Thursday, we will be officially launching our rust server! Random players will be selected for free vip kits from our store! Stay tuned for more info and connect to our discord for live updates. Rust Servers Top Rust Server Best Rust Server Rust Servers Top Rust Server
  10. Banned a year ago for racism

  11. Banned a year ago for racism

    hey im back sorry
  12. Apology

    I owe you an apology, I made a joke on the night of January 2nd, 2018. It was a very dark and personal joke that no one should ever make as I believed that it was funny at the moment as the topic of bullying was present in the eliteark discord chat. After posting my joke which I did not mean to be taken so far soon came to hit me right in the face. I understand why I was banned from the discord and game and all I can is sorry, I can understand if you will never let me in the server as I took my joke to a very personal level and bringing it to a real life topic. Eliteark has been a privilege to play on and I just want to say sorry Ronnie, sorry for all the shit that I have ever caused on your server and discord, and all the dumb shit that I have ever said to you or anyone that I have offended on a personal level
  13. offline raiding

    they got you right after you logged off
  14. offline raiding

    how do u come to that...i was on in the am and not till after 6pm est. ..i was in the ER all afternoon witm a member of the fam. so u tell me how that is possable
  15. offline raiding

    is it against the rules to raid someone b4 the offline protection comes on? I am pretty sure that 45 minutes or what ever is so people don't just log off every time they start to get raided. I might be wrong but pretty sure they are in the clear on this one?
  16. offline raiding

    ok...admin log into game plase....the tribe A.dmin abuse broke anoter rule on offline raiding...evertything is gone....
  17. Ally's in Abbertion

    You cannot activate allies with Offline raid protection.
  18. Ally's in Abbertion

    Activate Ally's at the Abbertation map, would be pretty nice becuase I am building on a floading Island with 1 order Tribe but there is only 1 Zipline down and i blocking it with my turrets. Just want that they can get easly down withoute connecting our Tribes
  19. Mercy please

    Thank you
  20. Mercy please

    approved and added protection @ 12/19 @ 1215 pm est
  21. Mercy please

    solo player tribe name is Queso Knights. Got raided this morning about 8 or 9 am by yakuza. they destroyed every thing from the vault to the spoiler. only had mostly damage walls and foundations left. after the server came back up I went back to pull some of my S+ walls down to patch holes but another yakuza guy came and killed me while in the process. lost what building materials i was about to salvage (everything else is damaged so cant pull it). had same guys pop in and out every 10 minutes for about two hours b4 I decided to log for the night. they where just randomly trying to tranq or bola me and would run away once they got bored of not getting a easy kill.
  22. I was banned a very long time ago and now would like to lay aberration, I obviously wont say the n word again
  23. Caves

    for the good of all of the server and to be fair and equal both for people who just entered and others that should not be allowed to build in caves (turrets and bases)
  24. Appeal

    I was banned by Dan Diamond a long time ago for making a one-line remark about lag, which I think is unjust. I like the server its the best one in my opinion and I cant find another server like it, please consider this appeal, thanks.
  25. Mercy Request once again

    Nevermind, there was a rollback and still have my pre-demoed base
  26. Mercy Request once again

    After I was just wiped and lost literally everything, I demoed all of my remaining structures and got a tiny little metal base with 1 door. The Vanguard comes in and destroys everything i have including my indust forge, vault, and crafting station with all of my remaining stuff even though I had 72hr in my name.I thought I had raid protections but apparently not. Images: First pic is me demoing my base after I was wiped once then second is me being wiped of my tiny base again: https://imgur.com/a/dEIhA My tribe is: hello i am e and yes I am solo
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