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  4. BubbaMonkey500

    Rule Breaking Disputes

    I cannot log in to server on Discord? Why.
  5. Earlier
  6. Street

    Discord Ban

    Discord Name: Street#1945 Hi, I was banned from the discord for being an idiot and linking a server that had an interesting mod that I wanted you guys to check out. Several weeks back, I cant figure out where to get a fast response and I remember you guys were awesome at replying. What are the chances of getting unbanned? I can still play on the server, would be nice to mingle with the rest of the population.
  7. AudibleAura

    Banned for Unknown Reasons.

    mistaken identity...
  8. Not to sure why i was banned... I mean, i say alot of flagrant shit, but none of it breaks the rules... Can i get a reason at least??
  9. Rowat

    Discord Banned

    I got banned from the Elite Ark discord server like... 5 months ago because I impersonated Ezikio Fishhorn.... I wanna play the new expansion on this server so it'd be coolio if I could get unbanned. My @ is Rowat#4317 I tried contacting Ronnie like 10 times but he won't answer my dms lol
  10. Zephyr


    Can't join the discord server all the invitations are invalid, can youguys give me the valid inv code to join discord? also my char in the ark ragnarok server is under the world and cant join the server i log in to the game and leave loading screen and when i returned i was under the world, and now i cant join the server, what ca i do? can u help me guys? my char name is Zephyr
  11. SilentBob

    Discord banned

  12. SilentBob

    Discord banned

    I was banned from your discord and have no idea as to why. I have not posted anything on there in a very long time either. Can provide screenshots were mee6 bot messaged me saying I was banned. Thanks for your time.
  13. Ronnie

    Server Wipes.

    Discord is the way to keep better up to date.
  14. BaldingFerret

    Looking for aktive Tribe

    Hey I'm looking for a aktive tribe to join. Im 22 and not a noob to ark so if you want a active player and have a free spot in your tribe reply to this thread.
  15. Bane

    Server Wipes.

    I suggest making it so server wipes only happen once a month and you put the date on the forums so people know when the wipes are, so they can prepare for it and not be caught off guard.
  16. thegrinch

    Keep 75x a Cluster?

    No. Even though some play the center, after the first week population in both servers drops pretty heavily. If there was only one map, ragnarok would stay very active throughout entire wipe cycles, which could also extend the amount of time between wipes.
  17. dravar

    Server down No 75

    Hello guys server NA 75 is down
  18. Ronnie


  19. Iftcko (Incr3pted)

    Keep 75x a Cluster?

    My vote is Yes, Because I enjoy playing on The Center, and not really a big fan of Ragnarok cause the lag is terrible on that map.
  20. Ronnie

    Elite Ark Shop

    Thanks bro. I will fix that
  21. Justin_RepZ

    Elite Ark Shop

    I know when I am in game i can use F1 to buy loot boxes, but when im in forums and click link to buy lootboxes (right side, link for elite shop) it only shows the 25x server there is no other server. In game is fine tho it brings me to site to choose from 3 different servers. just thought i would let you know.
  22. Justin_RepZ

    Forums back up and running

    just signed up for forms ?
  23. Justin_RepZ

    Keep 75x a Cluster?

    yes keep 75x server
  24. B0TFrank

    Keep 75x a Cluster?

    Think the wording is weird. I'd like to play on a fresh 75x server. Ready for a wipe, getting really dirty back there. As far as having both maps idc, the center map seems dead
  25. Twitch.tv/SquidMartian

    Keep 75x a Cluster?

    I vote YES. Keep the server, no reason to get rid of it.
  26. ICE T

    Keep 75x a Cluster?

  27. Ronnie

    Keep 75x a Cluster?

    Keep 75x a Cluster?
  28. Ronnie

    Forums back up and running

    Everything is back up and running. Let me know if there are any other errors. Thanks
  29. 12L5#Origin

    Banned a year ago for racism

    u there
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