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    • EliteArk Server News
      Please join us for Season 5 of EliteArk starting on 25th February 2020. This new season means a complete wipe of the Main 6 Man Cluster. All characters, tames, blueprints and structures will be wiped from all of the maps. This is your tribe's chance to start fresh and compete against all of the other tribes to see who can survive the whole season!
      At the start there will be 8+ Maps spread between North America (NA) and Europe (EU). Including FOUR Genesis servers (2 for NA + 2 for EU) and the classic maps including Ragnarok, Valguero, Center and Extinction. To give an advantage to tribes starting on Genesis the first week will have no transfers into Genesis except for your character. If Genesis is delayed by Wildcard then the DLC will be added as soon as it is available.
      As with every EliteArk Season except some key changes from Season 4. These will be announced closer to the launch via the Discord so make sure you are a member with Notifications turned on:
      Please note, only the Main 6 Man Cluster will be wiping on 25th February. For the Duo Cluster the wipe will only be conducted after a map hits extremely low population. Duo is not wiping with Genesis release. Duo will have a Genesis map added to their cluster as soon as Genesis is released though.
      Disclaimer: PLEASE keep in mind though, many factors can still force a wipe. IE. Bugs, Corruptions, mods, etc.

    • EliteArk Server News
      Whether you are just getting started on EliteArk or you are built up and need to fill your tek turrets - getting element quickly is important. On EliteArk there are many ways to get element and this post shares them all.
      You can complete in-game quests to kill wild dinosaurs. To start with just killing a couple of each species will reward you with a small amount of element. But as you complete the quests they require you to kill more and more of each species. You can expect between 1 to 15 element per quest. This is the FASTEST method of getting element when you start. A little bit of time in the swamp or a cave killing wild dinos and your tribe should easily have enough element for a Replicator and Transmitter. To view what creatures count for quests you can type /quests in chat.
      Boss Fights
      Your tribe can complete the boss fights on each map to receive element. The boss fights have been boosted on most maps to give much more element than default. For example, the Alpha Ragnarok Arena awards 1500 element rather than the default 90. Boss fights can be started from Obelisks, Supply Drops or the S+ Transmitter. The in-game shop has boss kits available for points or you can farm the tribute items yourself.
      Another fast method of obtaining element is to trade for it with another tribe. The Discord has a #ark_trading channel with people advertising Element or you can post an advert there that you are buying it. People normally trade element for points or in-game items like blueprints and lines.
      As you raid there is a good chance you will come into element. Every tek turret can contain shards you can craft back into element. The generators will have element. Raiding tek tribes is a very good way to refill your element stocks.
      Lootboxes / VIP Boxes
      The Lootboxes and VIP Boxes from <a href="https://arkloot.com/">ArkLoot.com</a> both can contain Element. If they have element it will be between 25 to 300 element. These boxes also can contain points, tames, blueprints and much more - element is just one of the many possibilities.
      Other Methods
      There are quite a few other methods for obtaining element on EliteArk. They're not as fast but you can do them if you prefer:
      - Element Veins (Extinction only)
      - Element Dust from Lampposts (Extinction only)
      - Element Dust Gachas
      - Aberration Charge Stations
      Quick Tip: There is a mod that allows you to craft element into a version that can be transfered. This allows you to easily take Element with you between maps. Farm element on the map of your choice and take it home with you. Just never use the auto-crafter with the cross travel element engrams as it makes your element unusable.
      That concludes this short guide on obtaining Element on EliteArk. Please leave a comment if you have another method you prefer or to share how your tribe does it.

    • EliteArk Server News
      Have you just joined EliteArk? Are you wondering how to get the most protection for your base while you're offline? Let us share some quick tips for making the most of your automated [Offline Raid Protection] on our unofficial PVP cluster.   Tip #1: Place your Offline Guard System ASAP
      There are 2 ways to get an Offline Guard System: Using your Kit Starterbase (from the F1 menu - very left kit option) Crafting it (you will have an engram for it in your player inventory) To place your Offline Guard System you are required to have 50 structures placed nearby. If you place everything in your Kit Starterbase (including the turrets and crafting stations) you will easily reach this 50 structure requirement.   Tip #2: Find your own base spot
      The Offline Guard System has a range where it cannot be placed if you are too close to an enemy Offline Guard System. For this reason make sure you find a part of the map to call your own that isn't too close to anyone else. This distance is measured to the left/right/up/down and sometimes you will be blocked by a base built well above or below you. If you get an error about being to close you will need to move further away so be sure to check this before you have spent to long building your new base.   Tip #3: Place your Offline Guard System on the terrain
      Your Offline Guard System is only as strong as the structure you placed it on! It has a LOT of health and is very tedious for attacked to destroy. But if you place it on a foundation or a ceiling and that structure is destroyed your Offline Guard System will be destroyed along with it. From that moment all protection benefits will be gone. Instead, make sure you place your Offline Guard System on the terrain where it can only be broken by being damaged directly.   Tip #4: Adjust the Range
      Once you have placed your Offline Guard System you can adjust the settings. If you hold E on the structure it will give you a Settings option. The most important setting is the range. By default it only covers a radius of 10 foundations from the structure. For maximum benefit change the range to 50. You can also show the range to make sure as much of your base and tames are protected as possible. Remember, structures and tames outside that radius are given no extra protection when you are offline.   Tip #5: Pick It Up and Place It Down Again
      The Offline Guard System reads your tribe information at the time when it is placed on the map. For this reason if your tribe members leave or new people join you should take a moment to pickup and replace your Offline Guard System. This can also fix common bugs with the system like when it prevents you from placing any structures in your base. The admins might also ask you to take this step if you are granted extra Newbie Protection. If in doubt - pickup and replace it!   Bonus Tip: Set Your Home Teleport
      By this point you've built your new home on EliteArk and you have placed your Offline Guard System! At the same time you now have the 50 structures needed to set a home teleport. Make sure you are standing somewhere safe to teleport back to, away from where you plan to build. In chat type: /addhome base Then when you're out and about, need to get back from a farming run or even if you get stuck in the map somewhere you can type the following to teleport back to your base:
      /home base The Offline Guard System is a robust way to give more protection to your tames and structures while you're offline. Following these simple tips will help you get the most from this system.
      [- Read more about the Offline Raid Protection]

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  • We have been around for FIVE whole years straight for Ark Survival Evolved ! No other unofficial ark survival server has been around as consistently as Elite Ark has. We offer the most unique game play and rule set to completely offer our players a near perfect game play experience. Ark Survival is a very difficult game to host a ark server for. It is a very aggressive Ark survival evolved pvp play style. However, we do our best to maintain and constantly alter various rules and mods for Ark Survival Evolved. At the end of each wipe cycle, we always take a vote and democratically select various rule changes, settings and mods for Ark . We hope you enjoy your stay on Eliteark.com Ark server .

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