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    Why Waiting For A Wipe Is a Mistake on EliteArk

    EliteArk Server News

    On Discord people often ask, "When is the next wipe?" or "How long since the last wipe?". There is a common urge to wait and only join an Ark Survival Evolved PVP Server when it is fresh. To give yourself a head start and stop your base being easily raided by the alphas.

    But it is different on EliteArk. And waiting for a wipe might be a mistake for you and your tribe. Don't believe us? Let's break it down...

    1) Newbie Protection
    On EliteArk you automatically receive 72 hours of Newbie Protection when you join the server. This gives 100% immunnity to your structures and tames when they are close to your ORP Pillar. This means even if you're starting later than everyone else you have plenty of time with these increased unofficial rates to build a well defended base. Then when your Newbie protection ends the bases you can raid have been around longer and are likely to have much better loot within them!

    2) Points
    Playing on EliteArk Ark Servers will passively earn you points. Check your in-game points balance at any time by typing /points in chat. These points can be redeemed in-game for tames, resources and even blueprints. But even better, points carry over between wipes. This means the sooner you start playing the more points you can have when the next wipe happens. You can speed up how many points you get by doing in-game quests where extra points and Element are awarded for killing certain wild creatures.

    3) Trading
    The best lines take time to be bred. High stat creatures need to be found and tamed. Stats need to be combined. This takes days and often weeks from the start of a wipe. But if you're joining partway through a wipe you can trade with other tribes and get powerful bred dinos super fast! Many tribes will trade for in-game points or in-game resources.

    So there you have it! If you're wanting to get into Ark Unofficial PVP don't wait for a wipe. Instead jump right in on EliteArk and make the most of the catchup mechanisms available for you joining the server mid-season.

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