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    EliteArk Raid Event

    EliteArk Server News

    Huge Base Raid Event!

    Defenders “Tribe of Showcase Showdown” (Richard, Tacobelle, Havok, Tunstall, Smash, Raider) will build and defend a fully stocked admin base on a server separated from EliteArk’s main cluster.
    Setup will begin Friday, December 6th. Event/Defense will begin Sunday, December 8th at approx. 11AM EST and continue until either the base is successfully raided or the defenders tap out.
    Anybody who intends to participate may join this separate server, with no uploads or downloads, where they will be provided with multiple kits that will allow them to raid this base as a join effort with the rest of the server.
    The EliteArk Main Cluster will be rebooted once this event begins to give all participants who want to join Full ORP on their home base. If you log back to your main base and intend to come back to the separate server, do so at your own risk.
    Rewards will be given based on a number of different factors.
    Attacking Team Rules

        • Entire attacking team must be tribed up (Tribe limit on server set to 200+)
        • No attacking each others' fobs
        • No PvP/griefing against non-defenders
        • Absolutely zero trash talk / toxicity will be tolerated. After an initial warning, repeat offenders will be ejected from the event.

    Attacking Team Resources/Tools

    Attackers will not be permitted to bring anything but their characters to the event. Similarly, nothing will be allowed to be brought back from the event in order to maintain integrity of the main cluster.
    Attackers will be provided with a series of kits that they may use together to raid the defending base, as detailed below:

        • Kit Golem (1 Per Player): Tame level 275. Comes with Ascendant Saddle.
        • Kit Racer (2 Per Player): Tame level 275. Comes with Ascendant Saddle.
        • Kit Griffin (2 Per Player): Tame level 275.
        • Kit Gasbag (2 Per Player): Tame level 275. Comes with Ascendant Saddle.
        • Kit Quetzal (1 Per Player): Tame level 275. Comes with Ascendant Saddle.
        • Kit Trike (2 Per Player): Tame level 275. Comes with Ascendant Saddle.
        • Kit Mek (1 Per Player): Tame level 275. Comes with M.D.S.M.
        • Kit Pig (1 Per Player): Tame level 275. Comes with Ascendant Saddle.
        • Kit Giga (2 Per Player): Tame level 275. Comes with Ascendant Saddle.
        • Kit EXP (15 Per Player): Token to instantly grant max level to a kit tame.
        • Kit Imprint (15 Per Player): Token to instantly imprint a kit tame.
        • Kit DinoHeal (15 Per Player): Token to instantly heal a fresh-leveled kit tame.
        • Kit Sniper (20 Per Player): 450%+ Random Ascendant Sniper + 250 Ammo
        • Kit Shotgun (20 Per Player): 450%+ Random Ascendant Shotgun + 250 Ammo
        • Kit Compound (20 Per Player): 450%+ Random Ascendant Bow + 250 Arrows
        • Kit Flak (50 Per Player): Full Set Ascendant Flak ~1k Durability
        • Kit Crossbow (30 Per Player):  Random Ascendant Crossbow + 50 Grapples
        • Kit C4 (30 Per Player): C4 Detonator and 50 C4.
        • Kit Rocket (30 Per Player): 2 Rocket Launchers and 20 Rockets
        • Kit Tek Grenade (10 Per Player): 10 Tek Gravity Grenades
        • Kit Z (10 Per Player): 10 Plant Z Grenades
    Communal Resources:

    Before the event begins, defender team will spawn in a series of vaults for attackers to use in their initial setup.
    Repair/Restock Room – this building will contain several fully-stocked Tek Repair Stations, along with vaults of weaponry/ammo outside of player kits.
    Building Materials Vaults – There will be a collection of vaults that contain the basic materials for Fobbing, Ramping, Platforming, etc. (in excess).

    Defending Team Setup/Mechanics

    Defenders will give attackers 45 minutes from the launch of the event to do any setup, tribe invites, and defensive building before aggression (excluding any attacker to try to raid the base prior). After this point, they will fight back with a series of powerful tools.
    The Defending team will be using much more powerful tames and equipment than the Attacking team. However, absolutely no admin commands (GodMode, Fly, Ghost, etc) will be used. Defenders will be using the same level 150 Survivors as the attacking team, just with better tames and equipment.


    Personal Rewards
        • Top kills on each defender gets 10,000 points (tracked by each defender)
        • First player to destroy the Artifact Pedestal in the defender base will receive 10 token boxes
        • There will be 5 hidden tames around/throughout the base. Any player to score a kill on one of these tames will be awarded 10 VIP Boxes
        • Top MVP play (voted on by defenders) gets 50 Eliteboxes
        • Main organizer of attacking raid (Defenders will select a collection of players who were helping to rally the Attack team and have a Discord vote) gets 5 Token Boxes
        • ++ Ronnie will be watching for good teamwork, good sportsmanship and people who organize and help each other. Those will be recorded by Ronnie and given personal gift cards to the shop. Multiples can be earned.

    Primary Reward (Increased Quality Event)
        • If the base is not entirely raided, then for every tower or wall dropped by attackers, the server will receive a 5% increased loot quality event for 48 hours when the raid event ends.
        • If the base is successfully breached/wiped, the entire server will receive a 50% increased quality event for 48 hours after the raid event ends.

    NEW: Creative Rewards
        • Most Creative or Well-Produced video of the event. We will allow submissions of videos for one (1) week after the event takes place. You may use multiple points of view, however the video must not contain any voice communications if you are in the EliteArk Discord during the event. The video must be submitted knowing that full posting/usage rights will pass onto Ronnie at EliteArk. The top 3 videos will be chosen by Ronnie and the EliteArk Discord community will vote on the one they like the most! The winner will receive 10,000 points, 20 Loot Boxes and 10 Token Boxes. The runner up will receive 5,000 points, 10 Loot Boxes and 5 Token Boxes.
        • Top 3 Screenshots. We will allow submissions for one (1) week after the event takes place. Screenshots must be submitted knowing that full posting/usage rights will pass onto Ronnie at EliteArk. Winning screenshots will be selected by Ronnie and the Admin Team. Winners will receive 2,000 points each and 5 Loot Boxes.



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