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  • EliteArk FAQ

    In-Game Shop/Kits
    Other In-Game Issues
    EliteArk Website Store


    :regional_indicator_q: How can I earn points to use in the shop?
    :a: You can earn points via a few methods.
        - The first is simply through playing on the EliteArk servers; you earn 20 points for every 30 minutes spent playing.
        - The second method is through admin events and free website give-aways.
        - The third method is by supporting the server through the online shop.
        - You can also earn points by trading with other players! Check the Discord Trading channel.
    :regional_indicator_q: Do my points transfer across maps and/or wipes?
    :a: Yes to both! Points are currently region-based so you will have a different balance on NA vs. EU vs. OCE. Please see the discord commands page for information on how to transfer your points between the two server regions.

    :regional_indicator_q: Can I trade points to people or give them to friends?
    :a: Yes, trading using the points currency is allowed and encouraged - Check the discord commands and in-game commands pages for information on how to transfer or give points to people.

    :regional_indicator_q: My points show as 0 on the shop UI, is this correct?
    :a: No, always check your points in-game by typing /points in chat. Remember you have a points balance on NA servers and a points balance on EU servers. Check points on Discord with .points to see your balance in both regions.

    In-Game Shop/Kits

    :regional_indicator_q: How many kits are available to me?
    :a: The in-game shop UI (F1) lists the amount of times you can use each kit. Once these uses are depleted you cannot buy more, so use them wisely! These kits are per region so if you run out of kits and are wiped you can play on the other region and have kits available again. You can also check your kits in-game by typing "/kit" into the chat window.

    :regional_indicator_q: I got raided / have started over and need new kits, can you reset them for me?
    :a: No. Kits can only be reset server-wide, not on an individual basis. Kits are usually reset for everyone when a map wipes or a new map opens. This happens most weekends.

    :regional_indicator_q: I bought x item/dinosaur from the shop and the server crashed. When I logged back in my dinosaur/items were gone and so were my points! Can I get them back?
    :a: You tribe log will show you as having "tamed" any purchased dinosaurs, even if the server rolls back to before you purchased it. Please make a ticket on our Discord with as much information as possible, including screenshots, and an admin will consider replacement of the points.

    :regional_indicator_q: I bought an ocean crate / lava crate / red beacon from the store on Extinction/Genesis/Aberration and nothing happened.
    :a: These drops do not exist on Extinction, Genesis or Aberration and therefore cannot be purchased there. If you accidentally do this please make a ticket on our Discord server and the admins will consider reimbursement of the points on a case-by-case basis.

    :regional_indicator_q: X item/dinosaur is missing from the store, can you add it?
    :a: Requests for additions to the shop can be taken into consideration. Please post your request to #ark_server_suggestions on our Discord server after ensuring you have checked thoroughly to make sure it is not already in the shop.

    :regional_indicator_q: I bought an item or dinosaur using the shop UI and got the wrong item or dinosaur! Can I report this somewhere?
    :a: Absolutely! Head over to our Discord server and make a ticket with as much detail as you can. Screenshots are always helpful.

    :regional_indicator_q: I bought a water dinosaur and didn't get anything?
    :a: Water dinos must be purchased in semi-deep water, otherwise they will spawn and instantly die/disappear.

    :regional_indicator_q: Can I choose the gender of dinosaurs I purchase?
    :a: No, genders are always assigned randomly.

    :regional_indicator_q: I bought a dinosaur and it's now stuck inside my house/floor, can you move it for me?
    :a: No, please ensure you purchase dinosaurs in large enough rooms or outside. You can purchase cryopods in the store for 25 points which will allow you to move stuck dinosaurs.


    :regional_indicator_q: I can’t place my MAGA ORP, it says it’s too close to an enemy?
    :a: The range of a MAGA ORP is quite large, and they can’t overlap at all. Chances are there is an enemy base too close to where you are trying to place your MAGA ORP. Always check this prior to building up as we cannot remove enemy MAGA ORP’s. The enemy MAGA ORP might be above or below you. The tribe who places their MAGA ORP first is considered to have claimed that area.

    :regional_indicator_q: I can’t place my MAGA ORP, it says my ORP limit is reached?
    :a: You either have another ORP somewhere on the map, or you are trying to place a new MAGA ORP too quickly. When picking up your MAGA ORP, be sure to wait 30 seconds before trying to place a new one. If waiting doesn't work, try using /listorp to show your current ORP, then use /removeorp <name> and try to place your MAGA ORP again.

    :regional_indicator_q: I was raided while I was offline, my MAGA ORP isn’t working?
    :a: MAGA ORP does not provide immediate immunity. Your base remains vulnerable for a timed period after you first go offline. Full details of the Offline Raid Protection settings are available here: Offline Raid Protection on EliteArk


    :regional_indicator_q: I’m on PVE, can I raid someone / clear spam / destroy structures of any kind?
    :a: While on PVE raiding of any kind is forbidden. This includes destroying any kind of structure. If you have PVE and are reported for destroying structures in another tribes logs, your PVE will be removed. If this is not your first offence the admins may punish your tribe/players more severely on a case by case basis.

    :regional_indicator_q: A tribe is soaking my base using PVE, what can I do?!
    :a: Make a ticket on our discord server ASAP. Ensure your ticket includes clear screenshots showing the player and/or tribe name and evidence of them soaking without taking damage. Soaking with PVE is a bannable offense.

    :regional_indicator_q: I’m on PVE and someone has a FOB and/or is soaking my turrets, can you help me?
    :a: If the tribe is soaking turrets that are inside your ORP/PVE then make a ticket on our Discord server that includes clear screenshots showing their tribe and/or player names, and screenshots of them soaking your turrets within ORP/PVE range. It is within the rules for tribes to soak towers/walls that are not within your ORP/PVE radius so please keep that in mind.


    :regional_indicator_q: Do teleporters count as a base?
    :a: Yes. Any structure on the map counts as a base. You are limited to two bases plus one FOB per map.Structures in close proximity to each other (normally considered as within render of each other or in the same cave) are considered one base.

    :regional_indicator_q: Can I build in x location?
    :a: Please check our rules page for information on banned locations. It is your responsibility to check this list before building anywhere. Admins will normally admin-wipe tribes built in banned locations.

    :regional_indicator_q: Can I build in a rat hole?
    :a: EliteArk allows building in most rat holes or tight areas of the map. The exceptions to this are: (1) water cracks on the Ragnarok map; (2) areas you need tricks to get into such as knocking yourself out, tek suit/glider suit access only, Pteranodon c-spin at just the right spot, zip-lines, placing beds through walls etc.

    :regional_indicator_q: Can I build on a city terminal on Extinction?
    :a: No, it is not permitted to build on / block city terminals on Extinction.

    :regional_indicator_q: The engram for x structure is missing, can you add it back please?
    :a: Engrams that are removed have been done so for good reason. They will not be added back at this stage. If you would like an engram added please post in #ark_server_suggestions with the engram name and your reason for wanting it.

    PVP / Raiding

    :regional_indicator_q: A tribe was raiding me and has left their FOB outside my base, can you help me?
    :a: If the fob has been unattended a long time, like 12hrs+, please make a ticket on our Discord server with screenshots/evidence. FOBs for any purpose other than raiding can be removed without warning. If it hasn't been left very long then it is your tribe's responsibility to clear the fob as the defenders.

    :regional_indicator_q: I’m currently attacking a base and another tribe has shown up and starting sniping me! Is this teaming?
    :a: Yes, it is against the rules to counter a fob on EliteArk. ANY disruption to a fob will lead to harsh punishment. If a tribe you wish to fight is already fobbed you must wait until the fob is removed. 

    Other In-Game Issues

    :regional_indicator_q: I'm stuck! Can an admin please help me!?
    :a: No. There are commands available to help in these situations such as /home and /suicide. Please take the time to set up your home teleports in order to avoid being stuck.

    EliteArk Website Store

    :regional_indicator_q: I can't purchase anything on the store?
    :a: Tebex will not allow people who have disputed payments before to purchase anything from their stores. Please direct any queries to Tebex directly.


    :regional_indicator_q: I have been banned from the discord?
    :a: You may have been banned for a number of reasons. Make a Discord alt account to create a ticket to appeal your ban.


    :regional_indicator_q: My ticket was closed and I didn’t see why?
    :a: Check your Discord private messages for the response given when your ticket was closed. If you closed the ticket yourself you might not have received a PM. Please re-open a new ticket to ask about it rather than PMing staff directly. Tickets may also be closed due to inactivity, lack of information/details or being created as the wrong type (ie a PVE ticket regarding something other than adding/removing PVE).

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