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  • Welcome to EliteArk's F.A.Q.


    Server List

    steam://connect/   <NA Rag
    steam://connect/   < NA ABERRATION
    steam://connect/  <NA VALG
    steam://connect/   < NA ISLAND

    steam://connect/   < EU Valguero
    steam://connect/  < EU RAGNAROK
    steam://connect/   < EU EXT
    steam://connect/  < EU The Center


    Mod List




    New protection is gained by placing an Offline Guard System.
    *Pro tip* Place one on the ground, not on a structure.


    You can gain one by using a Starter kit or by crafting one via engrams.

    Some important notes about the NEWBIE PROTECTION:

    • You get 72 hours of FULL protection inside the 50 radius. Players, Dinos and Structures. ONLY in the radius.
    • You MUST form a tribe prior to placing one.
    • You must place at least 15 structures before being able to place one.
    • If you have newbie protection and you invite someone who DOESN'T, your newbie protection will be REMOVED.
    • If you HAVE newbie protection you CANNOT raid anyone. Your protection will be immediately removed if you do.



    Once you place an offline guard system, your radius of protection is set at that location. Your radius of protection can be check by using the offline guard system and showing the bubble. Everything inside that bubble is protected.

    How it works:

    • If there is NO combat then your FULL offline protection begins in 15 mins.
    • IF there IS combat then your offline protection will not activate until 3 hours.
      What constitutes combat?
    • Turrets firing.
    • Structure destruction