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raided earlier then Ren comes back in my base 5x Server (Screenshots)

i dont care to report any one but these guys always crying about reporting other people for breaking the rules so i had to say something. they attacked me earlier at my base an 2 other tribes with them, and they havent been back in like 4 hours an now they back in my orp. i got one there quetz's but i mean if we going by the rules they shouldnt be that close to my base let alone standing there trying to snipe or whatever they are doing. obviously back at my base messing around when i should have 48 hour protection after i lost all my tames but 3 and was killed over an over at my base trying defend it from 3 tribes. plus its literally just me in my tribe defending my base vs 3 tribes. so ya ridic that they come back through an know that its my base an sit there in air an try snipe more dinos that just tamed since lost everything an haveing restart over. ren is ridic sometimes im not even bothered that they raid me an kill my dinos but they cry all time about other people an say they are reported well. hey guess what ren if you cant follow rules either then il report you. cause im literally 1 person vs alpha tribe an suppose have protecttion from this crap i thought.


the quetz i killed cause they kept coming in closer to my base trying kill tames


 them hovering over my base back at it though they killed all my tames 4-5 hours ago.



i just think its ridic when they complain so much an us solo guys having to deal with em have never complained. but when they came back ya i told them GET out of my base area an leave . they just like stfu . so obviously some one is hypocrit and think rules dont apply to them. which for alpha tribe is ridic if they can just run rampant on us solo player tribes.

im obviously DXDoug of The Misfits tribe. an can provide screens of one of rens players dieing earlier in the raid they joined agianst me with 3 other tribes. cause one tribe attacked me first. which there logic is they attacked cause my turrets always killing them.. my logic is stop walking into my turret area then plain an simple. i never wanted harm my neighbors but when they attacked an jacked me ya then raided my base an killed my dinos it was on. any help or clarification would be great admin.. i never complain but this was just ridic today

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You're An Idiot.... We Attacked you Once. https://www.twitch.tv/tibbztv/v/86071056 - you will see us attacking him. After we left. 2nd Time around, We Chased Gentleman's Club "His alliance Member" Into Doug's Base. Flying into ORP Is not against the rules, Nothing was killed, No Harm came to any structures. This is a Shitty attempt to get someone banned. Post Your Death Logs please.... Post Any Destruction Logs please. You will see Ren "Did Not destroy Anything" You Only Killed a Quetz because someone Flew to close. Simple As That, If we broke the 48HR you post Evidence of a Death log With times.... This is a non valid Post. - Have a Nice day See you in 40hrs "8 Hrs have already went by on the CD".

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