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Umbrella Corp Multiple raids on me off an on hours apart 5x server

Well it start when raided my base an killed my dino tames earlier tonight, then couple hours later they built turret outside my walls an blew my walls up. an threw turtle at my base. then they go away for another hour or so . i rebuild my shit and they come an destroy my base walls an turrets at my base. You can see from the pics i have been wondering wth cause they go away for long periods like im not getting raided then come back after couple hours . which i thought if gonna raid you have to raid you cant just leave an come back an leave an come back.

Here is clear evidence of them raiding me early on first when i thought this was all they were gonna do since i thought they understood rules that you have to raid you cant just blow some shit up at a persons base then leave for couple hours an go back. but ya here is from start to finish times etc. an can see bigg time difference between raid time


then couple hours later they come back again


and again. like they have no concept of the 48 hour raid protection rule


. I was ready for a raid the first time but then they left an didnt come back so i went about my shit, then they come back. lol like 5th tribe to attack me today. i dont care if they would just follow rules an hit me in one go but they arent. any help or lmk what if anything can do or if im right about the rules an reading them correctly . thanks much appreciated admin. a game is fun an the server is great until your solo tribe has bunch of populated tribes break rules on you, and double raid in one night many hours apart. like i thought that was it after first time they came blew my shit up.  any who thanks let me know what up

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