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Rules broken - Verbal harassment

So Netflix & Chill raided the tribe "Sleezy Moms" earliere today. and they started complaining about rules broken "not allowed to raid fresh started tribes" 
and then everything went dead. after a good long while Sleezy Moms started trash talking again. it's been going on for some hours today. And people is getting really tired of it.
we've said that they should stop. and they kinda made the entire servers tribes band together with their harassment.

Now I just had enough of it. and posted it here. 

vurbal abuse.png

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dude keep acting like a prick. 

I really dont care. aslong admin pays attention to your childish behavior.
and your tribe members aswell.

People don't play games like ARK because they wanna get offended by people like you thinking that offending over the internet is OK
If I wanted that. I'd go play League of Legends. or something like that. So how about you get your ass back to that game? and leave us at ARK

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