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Alot of item disapear....

ya i had my stone behomth gates disappear, and my metal spikes disappear and my greenhouse glass . and stone foundation . i had 2 turrets with atleast 500 bullets ontop of my greenhouse and one on a stone foundation next to my metal behemoth gates and ya lol sucks lost all that. cause lost the 2 dolphins had in my water pen made from behomoth gates etc. But i figure it was just cleaning up the server?? but ya for now on im placing my stuff on metal stuff and rebult the waterpen with metal. so yeah hopefully wont have any more troubles like that happen.

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there are certain tiers when it comes to autodemolish. thatch is 2 days for example. Crop plots, regular storage boxes etc fall under thatch. You must visit the area at least once before the timer reaches zero. Then the server automatically demolishes the structure.

This has reduced lag tremendously and helps keep the map clean.

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