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Streaming 2Nite playing 24hours*giveaways etc 15xServer

Aight i will be streaming off and on tonight and the next 24hours on the 15x server so i will eventually let everyone know in global chat on 15x server the times of the giveaways etc and how and what can win. So stay tuned on this forums post, and on Twitch.tv/DXDoug for info on how to play and win and join us on the 15x server for good ol friendly chat and fun gameplay. You can also click the bottom link on the right hand side of front page at Eliteark.com where the different twitch streams are located that show (Offline) but have clickable lnks to go directly to my twitch feed it is the bottom one. I dont think its showing when im live so just gonna have to check in once and awhile. I will also post on here when going live, and in global chat when starting stream.


So join 15x server tonight and next 24 hours for fun fun fun :D

15x server = https://arkservers.net/server/

Twitch Stream = DXDoug Twitch TV Stream

Hope to see you there have a good night everyone

Edited by DXDoug
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downloading some mod update for ark. Then i will be online. Pleas leave any comments like if video buffers every once in awhile or something that seems to be interfering with the stream from being smooth an always on with no buffering etc. Im pretty sure i fixed it though by lowering the bitrate to match my internet speeds etc. since last time some people said the stream kept buffering on them. But i did some research on why and how to fix this problem. So Honestly it should be a constant stream tonight soon as i finish this mod update and get loaded onto server i will start stream. So Stay Tuned ETA 30-45 Mins

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