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Raid Timers

People applying for raid timer

Your Tribe: RonnieIsANoob

Tribe that raided you: Tibbz's Wonderful Mother

Proof: SS/Video

~Wait to be accepted ~


Please Note* If you do not want a raid timer you don't have to request one. It's totally up to you. If you want a raid timer, you must apply for it. ORP no longer has a log. Please be very clear with the proof you provide.


Raid Timers:

48hr CD - Savages > Pokemon Rangers : Next Available Raid date: Wednesday October 12th.

48hr CD - The Great White North > Nameless : Next Available Raid date: Wednesday October 12th.

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4 hours ago, ryan0326 said:

Tribe raided: Dora Dino Explores 

Raided by: Alpha

Proof: https://gyazo.com/26d909f967f709e342bdd9dd104c9566

The 48hr CD will end at 10/12/16 at 7:00 pm

Application Denied - This does not prove you were raided. Prove to me you got raided with structure damage. Note* You will not receive a 48hr CD. - Ask for a CD don't tell me you're getting a CD. The proof you have provided does not show me you got raided. - Boo

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19 minutes ago, kkg036 said:

Posting a notice for less confusion...

Tribe: Havoc

Tribe that raided: Alpha



Both tribes were made aware of this but in case either one forgets. I set the CD to expire tomorrow at 10pm est. 

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tribe of king offline raided us this AM.

I was pissed so I went out to destroy what ever I saw...hoping to find tribe of king.

I did not know that the boys from my tribe attacked u last night freezy....they r on a different time zone than I....I know....communication...we need to work on it.

I offered to give u back what I destroyed ...and ur bear...I can buy u one.

no response but banter from the tribe of King.

I take full responsibility. NOT because im going to get banned....but because its the rules. and I feal (personally ) bad for attacking ur outpost near us.

I don't want to be friends.....just to do the right thing

add me on steam if u want so I can reimburse u if u want.

All the best



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