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Good morning Elite Ark Admins. I am a new player on and we have been harassed  and bullied by a tribe called Schmega Warriors (Dingle Berry, Pewnflap). Since we were able to rebuild despite their harassment while brand new on server with no weapons or defenses, we didn't seek an admin.

Yesterday we added a new tribe member, Nixser, who found one of our dinos and this morning our tribe was raided by the SW (Schmega Warriors). I then noticed our vault was 100% health but everything stolen from it, other important items (to us) we stolen from our other vault and fab, and the new tribe member left the tribe. 

I then did some research and noticed that Nixser is friends with 2 of  the members of SW, Dingle Berry andPewnflap. I have SS of the friends page of the one member. Our former new tribe member had changed his steam name (from Nixser to Diddler) and made his account private.

Is this against server rules that they used a friend to raid our base and is there any repercussions? 


Inside Raider.pdf

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27 minutes ago, admin said:

I see no record of either steam player by those names that joined the server.

The one player's steam is Pewnflap, the other is Ceon and the other was Emu Monster, then he changed it to Diddler, then now CooJoe.

Is what they did against server rules, joining our tribe only for the sole purpose of looting us and allowing his friends to raid us, to bypass the ORP. \

They did admit that they did this.

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