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Crippling Depression

Raided 3 times in one day with the 48hours in our name

OK So 1st i would like to appoligise for the swearing and the fail spelling 

So My 5 man tribe join the server yesterday after seeing it had wiped we join island and within the day we are raided 3 different times by 3 separate tribes 

1st i have recorded evidence yet again i appoligise for the videos swearing we where all very annoyed during me recording it


this video show them attacking us then blowing our raft 


And this one shows that our ORP is up and in place and we have  48 hours  thing in our name as specified in the rules 

i can pervied screen shots of the other 2 raids threw tribe log if needed but i know that the admin can just look at the server logs and see the guilty party's 

Tribe Names That Raided us 

1st : The Boys 

2nd : Metal Kingdom

3rd : Didieb(48h)

I dont know if its possible with the server wiping yesterday but if it is our tribe would like to claim mercy rule 

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