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Buldings with turrets next to caves and other possible rule breaking

Central Cave: Tribe "Friendly Players" did put a box with turrets right at the entrance of the central cave and did build their base by blocking the entrance to anyone going there. In this case we were lucky that they were offline. As you can see it was their aim to totally block the entrance since they did put even more gates at the end of the cave to stop the entrance. All of the buildings in the screens belong to "Friendly Players"








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Randomly put turrets pretty far from the base on stones and some almost "invisible" turrets that have no strategic purpose placed extremely high in the sky with the only purpose to shoot down players that fly high to avoid of being shot down by any random base they may encounter. The turrets placed on an invisible foundation would hurt new players with their first flyer and since this has absolutely no strategic use i thought you, Admin, might not like it.







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South Ice Cave: Big base with many turrets placed on the way to the cave and one of the only 2 spawns of penguins on the map. (The cave is visible on the left of the screens)

I did run some tests with visual range set on Epic to see how much time you actually have to notice the towers and get shot and as you can see in the screens it barely loads in time. (Imagine flying at almost/full speed, you cant stop or change direction in time before the dino dies)

I myself lost a 352 Alpha Wyvern while going to gather polymers cause of this. (in case this base breaks the rules and in case of a possible "refund"i can take a screen of my log)

The base doesnt load fast enough to realize it and in the meantime you get shotdown by the many turrets stationed there. I did read of another guy losing an alpha cause of this base imho way too close to the cave and spawn of penguins.

It can and did hinder the way to the penguins and only those who already know the existence of this base know that they cannot simply fly straight to the cave.

One more thing: i forgot to take the screen of the entire base. In my screens it only shows when it loads the base. Sorry about that but i can assure you that it is big enough to take down my 50k wyvern in 2 seconds.





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Added screenshots of our base location and coords vs. the ice palace location and coords.  We are against the wall next to the pond.

Ice Palace is at 34.0, 13.9 and our base is at 51.2, 15.7




NOTE:  Someone's tamed dino is parked in the Ice Palace in my screenshot.



Also added chat log showing player farming pearls 20 feet from our front door while Aequus is claiming they have to fly completely outside of the cave to avoid our base.  I watched as Aequus farmed the penguins just fine without being killed.





Someone riding an Alpha Wyvern should understand that they have an enormous hitbox and they should never fly anywhere near a turreted base.  I'm not sure how you've flown around the map at all with the number of turreted bases that are around.  We've had raid attempts against our base and need to defend it.  I'm sorry that you lost your 352 Alpha Wyvern, but you flew into a turreted base flying on a creature with the largest hitbox in the game.






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In defence of Draygon tribe they didnt actually build in the cave or at the entrance of the cave but next to it. The problem is only that it is on the way next to it so someone could expect it to be free since this is how it is supposed to be but to be honest, if compared to what others do, draygon guys are fine. I just thought of posting it in case you, Admin, think its not alright

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