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Explosives Nerfed beyond usefulness......

What is the deal with explosives on 25x server? 560 damage for C4  and 300+ for rocket....some walls have 120K health!!! WTF is the point of such a nerf? Can we get a change on this, PVP is dead otherwise....can't even raid big bases. This is fucked up, very unbalanced.

Edited by EightyFace

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On 3/22/2017 at 7:56 PM, Odissa said:

It's easy to raid, just get a Tek Rex and it solves all your problems. :)

LOL.... Do you even play this game? Tek Rex is not going to do shit against a big tribe/base that is well defended....you need explosives. Stop nerfing them, put them to default levels and let us play the fucking game right....stop catering to the noobs on the server, if they cant make it here then obviously this is not the place for them. 

What is the point of nerfing explosives? Don't say due to high rates, EVERYTHING else is HIGH RATES too, like turrets, with ammo pool...wtf...smfdh

Odissa you must be raiding solo players in stone bases......

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