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Classic flyers ?!

The reason me and my Tribe join the server was due to you guys having the balanced flyers. When You have classic flyers it makes all the other dinos useless compared to flying. This has been the first server i saw people riding ground dinos instead of only agris pteradons and quetzs. Do you really plan on keeping the classic flyers mod?

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Same..made ground dinos used for once. PVP going to become dry like it was before the nerf. People riding around in 400% movespeed pteradon has and never will be fun for me or anyone in my tribe. Considering that most of the people complaining about the nerf were people that played PVE and how PVP balances shouldn't affect them. Since this is mostly a PVP based server, I really hope Ronnie considers removing this mod or at least setting a cap on the movespeed if he can.

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