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Mortar and Pestle not working properly

Great server! Never seen a server put together so well.

There's a giant problem with Mortar and Pestle (S+ or not)..
They are extremely buggy!

Let's say I have 5000 Stone and 2500 Flint in there. By habbit, I'll hover my mouse over the "Make Sparkpowder" icon, and press A until it goes dark. (indicating you are already creating the maximum quantity)
It doesn't really do anythng, it might create a couple, sometimes it will make a few hundred when you're lucky.

So then I thought I'd be smart, and calculate beforehand how many to make. I'd do that, and same thing happens. It creates a few.

Al together, Sparkpowder, Gunpowder, Cement Paste is EXTREMELY PAINFUL to create. It requires baby sitting like no other.

Admins please please please fix!

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