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Stat Multipliers (PermanentTitans) ADMIN Required?

Hello all,

I would like to be able to determine the best Dinos for breeding out of my stock of tamed Dinos. In order to do this I need to retroactively determine where points went from the point in which the creature was wild until now. I am unable to do this without knowing the values of the stat multipliers set on the server. The values I am looking for are the following.

              TameAdd      TameAff      WildLevel    DomLevel  

Health             ?                    ?                 ?               ?

Stamina          ?                    ?                 ?               ?

Oxygen           ?                    ?                 ?               ?

Food              ?                    ?                 ?               ?

Weight           ?                    ?                 ?               ?

Damage         ?                    ?                 ?               ?

Speed           ?                    ?                 ?               ?

Torpor          ?                    ?                 ?               ?

I am assuming only an Admin can answer this question, but if you could post this information it would be awesome!

Thanks in advance!

Edited by DinoMan

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