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Egg collection mod put on server

So with the Inprinting being added into the game and needing kibble for it. I Big Momma from teh Implant Hunters and my tribe would like to know if u can maybe do a vote to add a Egg collector mod onto ur server alot of people i talk to in game also would like it. Can u let us know what u think about it soon.


Thanks for reading this

If u read this put ur thoughts down so we all can know what u as the players on the server think about it

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I would advise against putting this mod on the server.

Other servers I've played on have all pulled it as every cycle of the collector heavily stresses the server.  My most recent set of very-active admins tried to tweak it for a few weeks, causing a lot of server restarts and various issues before just pulling the mod altogether.

It's more of a headache than it is worth.  

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This mod will not be added. Nor will it ever be added until the day the ark devs fully optimize the game where it's not a huge server stress without any mods let alone with mods. A mod such as this with constant moving ai "bots" can create tons of extra lag. 

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