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Season 4 Trio??! HYPE (suggestion)

Hey everyone on the Elite Ark season 3 trio maps!

I was recently looking over the population of the OCE servers and noticing a significant decrease in players and general pvp as the season has been active since the start of October making it almost 4 months! I'm relatively new to the Elite ark servers but my tribe and I plan to stay to enjoy the benefits of the servers and the community.

In conclusion to this, I was simply going to suggest a wipe to bring us into Season 4! Now I my self am only an OCE region player making my judgement simply for the OCE servers unsure my self of how the NA & EU ones are doing population and enjoyment wise, however I think a wipe for OCE and potentially the others too would encourage more people to come and play more often as we all know a wipe means fresh start, new base location, more pvp and an overall thrill gainer.

Want Season 4 Trios?! Or even OCE wipe, get someone from the admin team to look into this idea, if not that's find too simply just a suggestion :)

thanks Elite Ark Team & Community

-Joshua strider (JStrider)

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