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False Discord Ban

I was sitting in tribe open 1 with 3-4 discord advisors knowing i was drunk and high just trying to joke around and apparently me have a freedom of speech talk is against the rules i never directed anything bad towards any of them just talked freely and i want a explanation was just not warned or deafen / i was then server muted / deafened when i went away to grab food I've never understood why i cant be warned when i'm accidentally breaking a rule like i come back to be deafen / muted with no warning to why so then i end up leave the call and going back to my discord and on top of that some of your advisors where like "yo give me your "girl" tribe mates nudes" i was joking around saying ye ill give you the knowing i never sent a single message to them so i want to know why i'm being punished for that when i said that joking i will never send anyone a nude because 1 illegal 2 i don't know you that way and 3 its wrong. I've been a loyal member of elite ark since season 1 paid 200-300 dollar on the server then public grew the server over YouTube / twitch socials through friends talking good about the server why would you just punish me for doing nothing beside joking never directed anything i said never warning me also since i'm here i get banned for pretty much nothing so i want to know why its so easy to ban a willing guy wanting to be nice on the server give bobs loot to start of on make the server a better place but pple breaking the rules don't get punished like pple digging into personal life like dead father dead mother i'm just saying not mad but i just want un banned from discord so i can sell my loot i get and talk to friends My Discord is     Kola#4565 Steam id is 76561198818630796 let me know if there is anyway i may be unbanned ive nothing but good on the server.


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