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Sorry for my temper.

I just want to apologize for my outburst in Global after the wipe today, it came out of frustration, I really liked this server, it was the first one pub one I chose to play on ever, when I originally played Ark it was on a friend's private server and I stopped about 11 months ago. I started on Wednesday, and misread the server description believing that the server wipe had already occured, so with some help from another player (steam name is Wallsh1, don't remember his character's name) I got a base started, realizing it was a pvp server, I needed to make it decent enough not to get instant raided so I marathoned a 28 hour stretch of farming up metal and building it up, the next day was the server wipe. I get that other people have lost all their investments, but they've had time to get some progress; whereas I was stuck powerfarming only to have it immediately taken away.

    Out of that frustration I made an ass out of myself in front of everyone. I'm not some troll or vindictive douchebag, I like the idea of a pvp server because the threat of pvp makes the game more exciting, I'd love to raid, I have principals, and try to help people out when I can instead of being a dick. I want to contribute to this server because it's the right kind of porridge for my goldilocks with all of it's features. If you guys will have me, I promise not to vent my frustration out in that manner, or any other dickish manner again.

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