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  • Welcome to EliteArk's one of a kind Loot Box packages. Each Loot Box is a complete one of a kind gamble that can include but not limited to: Dinos! Crates! Weapons! Armor sets! Resources and more!! All with various qualities and quantities. When opening a box, it will display just how lucky or unlucky :oyou were by displaying the % rarity chance when you use one.

    Most chances have at least a point value of over 500 and up to 15,000 points!!!!!

    (This is not a complete list, too many to list here :D )

    Here is a list of the chances:

    Random Quality JM+ Tool set

    Asc Quality Tool set

    Random Quality Flak Armor set

    Asc Quality Flak Armor set

    Random Quality Riot Armor set

    Asc Quality Riot Armor set

    Blueprints of each Armor

    Jm+ Sniper Rifle

    Asc Sniper Rifle

    JM+ Comp Bow

    Asc Comp Bow

    Asc Longneck

    BluePrints of each weapon

    Jm+ Quetz Saddle

    Asc+ Quetz Saddle

    Jm+ Rex Saddle

    ASC+ Rex Saddle

    Jm+ Tape Saddle

    Asc+ Tape Saddle

    Jm+ Ptera Saddle

    ASC+ Ptera Saddle

    Ocean Loot Crates

    Lava Loot Crates

    Blueprint Lootcrates

    MAX tamed +Effectiveness of all high end Dinos including Gigas, Wyverns, Quetz, Rex, Golems, etc

    25 element

    50 Element

    75 Element

    100 Element

    3,000 Cementing Paste        

    5,000 Cementing Paste

    10,000 Cementing Paste

    15,000 Cementing Paste

    20,000 Cementing Paste

    3,000 Metal Ingots

    5,000 Metal Ingots

    10,000 Metal Ingots

    15,000 Metal Ingots

    20,000 Metal Ingots

    3,000 Electronics

    5,000 Electronics

    10,000 Electronics

    15,000 Electronics

    20,000 Electronics

    3,000 Pearls

    5,000 Pearls

    10,000 Pearls

    15,000 Pearls

    20,000 Pearls

    3,000 Crystal

    5,000 Crystal

    10,000 Crystal

    15,000 Crystal

    20,000 Crystal

    3,000 Polymer

    5,000 Polymer

    10,000 Polymer

    15,000 Polymer

    20,000 Polymer

    2,000 Black Pearls

    5,000 Black Pearls

    10,000 Black Pearls