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  • Offline Raid Protection on EliteArk

    Raid protections are in-game mechanisms to make it harder for a tribe to be raided while playing on EliteArk. The goal is to encourage online PVP/raiding between tribes and allow new players to build up without fear of being raided.

    There are two types of Raid Protection:

    •  Newbie Protection
    •  Offline Raid Protection

    Both types of raid protection rely on you placing an Offline Guard System (OGS) structure. This can be crafted in your inventory for 20x Cementing Paste, 10x Crystal, 25x Metal Ingot and 10x Obsidian. It is also given to you automatically as part of the Kit Starterbase available from the F1 in-game mennu. This should be placed centrally in your base and from the Settings on the structure you can increase or decrease the range. This structure is only as strong as what it is placed on so it is better to place it on the terrain rather than a foundation.

    On EliteArk the Offline Raid Protection is a progressive system based on the time since your last tribe member logged off the map.

    While one or more of your tribe is online everything can be damaged normally and turrets do their normal base damage. This continues for the first hour with no tribe members online so if you can stay online to defend you should!

    After 1 hour OGS will buff your turret damage by 400%, structure HP by 800% and significantly reduce damage taken by tames.

    After 8 hours OGS will provide full immunity for all structures/tames. During this time your turrets can still be soaked.

    After 50 hours the OGS structure will decay. Your turrets will return to normal damage and structure HP will return to normal. Structures damaged while they were OGS buffed will be reduced to a minimum of 1 HP.

    After 72 hours a plugin will automatically decay all structures and tames.

    Please note: if your ORP pillar is destroyed during a raid all ORP benefits are immediately ended.

    Common Issues to be aware of:

    •  You cannot place your OGS close to another tribe's OGS. Please place your OGS early into building your base to be sure you can benefit from Offline Raid Protection in that location.
    •  Pickup and replace your OGS when your tribe members change. In rare cases ORP benefits will not take effect if you have changed members since placing it. Once you pickup and replace the OGS it will update with just your current tribe members.
    •  If you are raiding someone and their structures are taking no damage it is likely they are under Newbie Protection and cannot be raided yet.
    •  The default range on the OGS is quite small. Be sure to adjust the range in the settings so it covers your base properly.
    •  If a server crashes or is rebooted the OGS will provide full immunity to structures/tames until a player from that tribe logs in.

    Offline Raid Protection is one of the many plugins that we run on the EliteArk Unofficial Ark Survival Evolved Servers to encourage online PVP. You might also be interested in how Newbie Protection and Raid Warnings function on EliteArk.