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Rust Server News



Everything posted by Ronnie

  1. Ronnie

    Server Wipes.

    Discord is the way to keep better up to date.
  2. Ronnie

    Keep 75x a Cluster?

    Keep 75x a Cluster?
  3. Ronnie


  4. Ronnie

    Elite Ark Shop

    Thanks bro. I will fix that
  5. Ronnie

    Forums back up and running

    Everything is back up and running. Let me know if there are any other errors. Thanks
  6. Thank you all who were able to help test the server out this past week, we now know what we need to tweak. We will update you all when we are able to finalize a launch time. Thank you!
  7. This Thursday, we will be officially launching our rust server! Random players will be selected for free vip kits from our store! Stay tuned for more info and connect to our discord for live updates. Rust Servers Top Rust Server Best Rust Server Rust Servers Top Rust Server
  8. Ronnie

    Rust server launching this Thursday

    Server just launched
  9. Ronnie

    offline raiding

    they got you right after you logged off
  10. Ronnie

    Ally's in Abbertion

    You cannot activate allies with Offline raid protection.
  11. Ronnie

    Mercy please

    approved and added protection @ 12/19 @ 1215 pm est
  12. Ronnie

    Requesting Mercy

    protection added @ 10:41 am est
  13. Ronnie

    Requesting Mercy

    I will add protection in the morning.
  14. Ronnie

    Dark and Light, Pvp Server

    ark is a different animal. DNL is much different, no plans to wipe dnl.
  15. Ronnie

    dark and light pve server

  16. Please join our discord and msg me for faster action. Thanks.
  17. Ronnie

    SpaceTimeContium base camping

    First offense, tribe is banned for 7 days.
  18. Ronnie

    Another base camping report

    name of the player?
  19. Ronnie

    requesting mercy

    please PM me on discord so we can chat, thanks.
  20. Ronnie

    Requesting Mercy Rule

    message me on discord
  21. Open discussion for settings and mods. What would you like to see?
  22. Like I said before, if you agree to the mercy term rules, then let me know and I will take care of it.
  23. Ronnie

    Requesting Mercy