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  1. Hello, Great server! Never seen a server put together so well. There's a giant problem with Mortar and Pestle (S+ or not).. They are extremely buggy! Let's say I have 5000 Stone and 2500 Flint in there. By habbit, I'll hover my mouse over the "Make Sparkpowder" icon, and press A until it goes dark. (indicating you are already creating the maximum quantity) It doesn't really do anythng, it might create a couple, sometimes it will make a few hundred when you're lucky. So then I thought I'd be smart, and calculate beforehand how many to make. I'd do that, and same thing happens. It creates a few. Al together, Sparkpowder, Gunpowder, Cement Paste is EXTREMELY PAINFUL to create. It requires baby sitting like no other. Admins please please please fix!
  2. Hunsdad

    Staff Application

    My apologies, didn't see the sticky thread for some reason. I do not have 1000 hours yet. I'm at 780.
  3. Hunsdad

    Staff Application

    Hey guys, Have been playing your server for a couple days, haven't seen a staff member online. Perhaps you guys live on the other side of the world. In the three days I've been playing, there really hasn't been much need for an admin, there never really is since hacking isn't an every day tool on this game, but if you would like someone there to enforce the rules, I'm your guy. I would also be leaving you a review which is good for Search Engine Optimization on my website, http://HowToSurviveArk.com/servers About me: Name: Hunter Age: 21 From: Wisconsin, USA My in game name: Hunsdad Credentials: I used to have the EnableCheats password to all of TangoWorldWide's servers. I lost my privilges due to inactivity. I own the website http://HowToSurviveArk.com/