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  1. Leksos

    Mercy Request once again

    Nevermind, there was a rollback and still have my pre-demoed base
  2. Leksos

    Mercy Request once again

    After I was just wiped and lost literally everything, I demoed all of my remaining structures and got a tiny little metal base with 1 door. The Vanguard comes in and destroys everything i have including my indust forge, vault, and crafting station with all of my remaining stuff even though I had 72hr in my name.I thought I had raid protections but apparently not. Images: First pic is me demoing my base after I was wiped once then second is me being wiped of my tiny base again: https://imgur.com/a/dEIhA My tribe is: hello i am e and yes I am solo
  3. Leksos

    Mercy Request

    I am in need of mercy rule big time. Im solo and have been wiped of everything by Dicks 3 screenshots, I couldnt get all of what they did because so much was destroyed: https://imgur.com/a/ZuJXi I had maybe 10 or 15 high level tames including Rexes, Wyverns, a Spino. Everything was killed, all my turrets were destroyed, all the xplants were destroyed. Every crafting station was destroyed. They basically came in and wiped everything I had. The raid itself was about 2 hours long, it was 4 of them against me and 1 person assisting me from another tribe. But once they were in they showed who won. I didnt get the screenshots of them killing all my tames but sadly it is true they are dead from a Tek Tapeajar. ~Thanks for your time