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  1. Asiago

    offline raiding

    is it against the rules to raid someone b4 the offline protection comes on? I am pretty sure that 45 minutes or what ever is so people don't just log off every time they start to get raided. I might be wrong but pretty sure they are in the clear on this one?
  2. Asiago

    Mercy please

    Thank you
  3. Asiago

    Mercy please

    solo player tribe name is Queso Knights. Got raided this morning about 8 or 9 am by yakuza. they destroyed every thing from the vault to the spoiler. only had mostly damage walls and foundations left. after the server came back up I went back to pull some of my S+ walls down to patch holes but another yakuza guy came and killed me while in the process. lost what building materials i was about to salvage (everything else is damaged so cant pull it). had same guys pop in and out every 10 minutes for about two hours b4 I decided to log for the night. they where just randomly trying to tranq or bola me and would run away once they got bored of not getting a easy kill.