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    I owe you an apology, I made a joke on the night of January 2nd, 2018. It was a very dark and personal joke that no one should ever make as I believed that it was funny at the moment as the topic of bullying was present in the eliteark discord chat. After posting my joke which I did not mean to be taken so far soon came to hit me right in the face. I understand why I was banned from the discord and game and all I can is sorry, I can understand if you will never let me in the server as I took my joke to a very personal level and bringing it to a real life topic. Eliteark has been a privilege to play on and I just want to say sorry Ronnie, sorry for all the shit that I have ever caused on your server and discord, and all the dumb shit that I have ever said to you or anyone that I have offended on a personal level