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  1. During the EliteArk Season maps will wipe from time to time. Wipes are always announced at least 24hrs ahead of time via the Discord. When a map wipes you can transfer everything to another map of your choice. This is a quick guide on how to prepare for a Map Wipe on EliteArk. 1) Find a new map The EliteArk Season system means that not all maps are wiping at the same time. You want to find another map that your tribe can call home. Find a safe spot and build a base to protect everything you're taking off the map that is wiping. Tip: Check Discord for what maps last wiped so that the map you move to isn't wiped soon. 2) Transfer your tames and items to the new map Using the SS Transmitter you can move your tames and items between maps. This can take a while so make sure you get your tribe mates to help! You can start moving items whenever you're ready so it is up to you if you do this at the last minute or space it out over a few days. 3) Transfer your character Make sure your character is transferred to a map that isn't wiping! If you leave your character on a wiping map it will be permanently lost, along with your tribe membership on other maps and imprints. The most important thing about preparing for a wipe is to get your character safely onto another map. You are welcome to move as much or as little from the wiping map. It's totally okay to just take the basics or if you prefer you can take all your resources and even pickup your old base structures. But whatever hasn't been moved by the time the map wipes is gone forever and will not be replaced by the admins. Fresh maps normally launch around 12PM EST (Google '12PM EST' to find out what time that is for you). To give Ronnie time to get the map ready it is normally wiped at least an hour or two prior. Please make sure you are fully moved off the map by 10AM EST on wipe day to be safe. There you go - that's how to prepare for a map wipe on EliteArk. Following these simple steps will allow your tribe to carry their progress forward through the whole season.
  2. EliteArk runs a unique system for wiping our maps. The struggle with a 25x Unofficial Ark Cluster is that tribes can farm fast, build big and this has two problems: Big bases cause a lot of LAG New tribes don't stand a chance against the tribes who have built up already In the beginning EliteArk used to wipe every 2~4 weeks and this gave everyone a fair chance to build up and get started. The problem was that for many players it meant there was a very limited sense of progression, little point to breeding and after a few wipes it started to become very repetitive. This is why Ronnie came up with the idea of a Season - something very different to how most high rates unofficial ark servers are run. Seasons on EliteArk last for 3+ months. They allow tribes to keep their progression with lines, blueprints and resources. But it requires all the big tribes to regularly move their base to a new map if they want to keep their progression. This means that players playing for the whole season can keep their progress but it also means that tribes joining later into the season have a really good chance against the existing tribes. Each map during the season lasts for roughly 3~6 weeks. Once a map finishes a tribe must transfer all of their loot onto a different map if they want to keep it. Maps are wiped in a rotation. Normally only 2 or 3 maps of the 10+ maps wipe at any one time. This means you can safely move from one map to another without fear of that next map being wiped in the short-term. When a map is wiped, for the first 48 hours only characters can be transferred. This means that all tribes must fight fairly with only what they have obtained on that map - nobody can bring their dinos or blueprint items from elsehwere to give them an advantage. After the first 48hrs of a map all tribes receive Newbie Protection for 72hrs. This protection allows new tribes three days to continue to build up. For new tribes joining mid-way through a season you essentially have FIVE DAYS to get established if you join when a map wipes. For existing tribes it is a big task to move their base every 3~6 weeks. Having to move their base makes them vulnerable to other tribes and it means there is rarely just one big alpha tribe for the entire season. When the Season reaches its' end a total wipe takes place. This is where every single map is wiped and all tribes lose their characters, tames, blueprints and resources. This system has been tweaked but has proved incredibly popular. It caters to the smaller tribes and really gives them a fighting chance compared to the old system. It also keeps the larger tribes interested because they can properly enjoy the Ark end-game with huge raids, advanced breeding and all that goes with it. What are you waiting for? Join EliteArk and experience the Season system for yourself!
  3. Please join us for Season 5 of EliteArk starting on 25th February 2020. This new season means a complete wipe of the Main 6 Man Cluster. All characters, tames, blueprints and structures will be wiped from all of the maps. This is your tribe's chance to start fresh and compete against all of the other tribes to see who can survive the whole season! At the start there will be 8+ Maps spread between North America (NA) and Europe (EU). Including FOUR Genesis servers (2 for NA + 2 for EU) and the classic maps including Ragnarok, Valguero, Center and Extinction. To give an advantage to tribes starting on Genesis the first week will have no transfers into Genesis except for your character. If Genesis is delayed by Wildcard then the DLC will be added as soon as it is available. As with every EliteArk Season except some key changes from Season 4. These will be announced closer to the launch via the Discord so make sure you are a member with Notifications turned on: https://discord.gg/XwBvXJ3 Please note, only the Main 6 Man Cluster will be wiping on 25th February. For the Duo Cluster the wipe will only be conducted after a map hits extremely low population. Duo is not wiping with Genesis release. Duo will have a Genesis map added to their cluster as soon as Genesis is released though. Disclaimer: PLEASE keep in mind though, many factors can still force a wipe. IE. Bugs, Corruptions, mods, etc.
  4. Whether you are just getting started on EliteArk or you are built up and need to fill your tek turrets - getting element quickly is important. On EliteArk there are many ways to get element and this post shares them all. Quests You can complete in-game quests to kill wild dinosaurs. To start with just killing a couple of each species will reward you with a small amount of element. But as you complete the quests they require you to kill more and more of each species. You can expect between 1 to 15 element per quest. This is the FASTEST method of getting element when you start. A little bit of time in the swamp or a cave killing wild dinos and your tribe should easily have enough element for a Replicator and Transmitter. To view what creatures count for quests you can type /quests in chat. Boss Fights Your tribe can complete the boss fights on each map to receive element. The boss fights have been boosted on most maps to give much more element than default. For example, the Alpha Ragnarok Arena awards 1500 element rather than the default 90. Boss fights can be started from Obelisks, Supply Drops or the S+ Transmitter. The in-game shop has boss kits available for points or you can farm the tribute items yourself. Trading Another fast method of obtaining element is to trade for it with another tribe. The Discord has a #ark_trading channel with people advertising Element or you can post an advert there that you are buying it. People normally trade element for points or in-game items like blueprints and lines. Raiding As you raid there is a good chance you will come into element. Every tek turret can contain shards you can craft back into element. The generators will have element. Raiding tek tribes is a very good way to refill your element stocks. Lootboxes / VIP Boxes The Lootboxes and VIP Boxes from <a href="https://arkloot.com/">ArkLoot.com</a> both can contain Element. If they have element it will be between 25 to 300 element. These boxes also can contain points, tames, blueprints and much more - element is just one of the many possibilities. Other Methods There are quite a few other methods for obtaining element on EliteArk. They're not as fast but you can do them if you prefer: - Element Veins (Extinction only) - Element Dust from Lampposts (Extinction only) - Element Dust Gachas - Aberration Charge Stations Quick Tip: There is a mod that allows you to craft element into a version that can be transfered. This allows you to easily take Element with you between maps. Farm element on the map of your choice and take it home with you. Just never use the auto-crafter with the cross travel element engrams as it makes your element unusable. That concludes this short guide on obtaining Element on EliteArk. Please leave a comment if you have another method you prefer or to share how your tribe does it.
  5. Have you just joined EliteArk? Are you wondering how to get the most protection for your base while you're offline? Let us share some quick tips for making the most of your automated [Offline Raid Protection] on our unofficial PVP cluster. Tip #1: Place your Offline Guard System ASAP There are 2 ways to get an Offline Guard System: Using your Kit Starterbase (from the F1 menu - very left kit option) Crafting it (you will have an engram for it in your player inventory) To place your Offline Guard System you are required to have 50 structures placed nearby. If you place everything in your Kit Starterbase (including the turrets and crafting stations) you will easily reach this 50 structure requirement. Tip #2: Find your own base spot The Offline Guard System has a range where it cannot be placed if you are too close to an enemy Offline Guard System. For this reason make sure you find a part of the map to call your own that isn't too close to anyone else. This distance is measured to the left/right/up/down and sometimes you will be blocked by a base built well above or below you. If you get an error about being to close you will need to move further away so be sure to check this before you have spent to long building your new base. Tip #3: Place your Offline Guard System on the terrain Your Offline Guard System is only as strong as the structure you placed it on! It has a LOT of health and is very tedious for attacked to destroy. But if you place it on a foundation or a ceiling and that structure is destroyed your Offline Guard System will be destroyed along with it. From that moment all protection benefits will be gone. Instead, make sure you place your Offline Guard System on the terrain where it can only be broken by being damaged directly. Tip #4: Adjust the Range Once you have placed your Offline Guard System you can adjust the settings. If you hold E on the structure it will give you a Settings option. The most important setting is the range. By default it only covers a radius of 10 foundations from the structure. For maximum benefit change the range to 50. You can also show the range to make sure as much of your base and tames are protected as possible. Remember, structures and tames outside that radius are given no extra protection when you are offline. Tip #5: Pick It Up and Place It Down Again The Offline Guard System reads your tribe information at the time when it is placed on the map. For this reason if your tribe members leave or new people join you should take a moment to pickup and replace your Offline Guard System. This can also fix common bugs with the system like when it prevents you from placing any structures in your base. The admins might also ask you to take this step if you are granted extra Newbie Protection. If in doubt - pickup and replace it! Bonus Tip: Set Your Home Teleport By this point you've built your new home on EliteArk and you have placed your Offline Guard System! At the same time you now have the 50 structures needed to set a home teleport. Make sure you are standing somewhere safe to teleport back to, away from where you plan to build. In chat type: /addhome base Then when you're out and about, need to get back from a farming run or even if you get stuck in the map somewhere you can type the following to teleport back to your base: /home base The Offline Guard System is a robust way to give more protection to your tames and structures while you're offline. Following these simple tips will help you get the most from this system. [- Read more about the Offline Raid Protection]
  6. Huge Base Raid Event! Defenders “Tribe of Showcase Showdown” (Richard, Tacobelle, Havok, Tunstall, Smash, Raider) will build and defend a fully stocked admin base on a server separated from EliteArk’s main cluster. Setup will begin Friday, December 6th. Event/Defense will begin Sunday, December 8th at approx. 11AM EST and continue until either the base is successfully raided or the defenders tap out. Anybody who intends to participate may join this separate server, with no uploads or downloads, where they will be provided with multiple kits that will allow them to raid this base as a join effort with the rest of the server. The EliteArk Main Cluster will be rebooted once this event begins to give all participants who want to join Full ORP on their home base. If you log back to your main base and intend to come back to the separate server, do so at your own risk. Rewards will be given based on a number of different factors. Attacking Team Rules • Entire attacking team must be tribed up (Tribe limit on server set to 200+) • No attacking each others' fobs • No PvP/griefing against non-defenders • Absolutely zero trash talk / toxicity will be tolerated. After an initial warning, repeat offenders will be ejected from the event. Attacking Team Resources/Tools Attackers will not be permitted to bring anything but their characters to the event. Similarly, nothing will be allowed to be brought back from the event in order to maintain integrity of the main cluster. Attackers will be provided with a series of kits that they may use together to raid the defending base, as detailed below: Kits: • Kit Golem (1 Per Player): Tame level 275. Comes with Ascendant Saddle. • Kit Racer (2 Per Player): Tame level 275. Comes with Ascendant Saddle. • Kit Griffin (2 Per Player): Tame level 275. • Kit Gasbag (2 Per Player): Tame level 275. Comes with Ascendant Saddle. • Kit Quetzal (1 Per Player): Tame level 275. Comes with Ascendant Saddle. • Kit Trike (2 Per Player): Tame level 275. Comes with Ascendant Saddle. • Kit Mek (1 Per Player): Tame level 275. Comes with M.D.S.M. • Kit Pig (1 Per Player): Tame level 275. Comes with Ascendant Saddle. • Kit Giga (2 Per Player): Tame level 275. Comes with Ascendant Saddle. • Kit EXP (15 Per Player): Token to instantly grant max level to a kit tame. • Kit Imprint (15 Per Player): Token to instantly imprint a kit tame. • Kit DinoHeal (15 Per Player): Token to instantly heal a fresh-leveled kit tame. • Kit Sniper (20 Per Player): 450%+ Random Ascendant Sniper + 250 Ammo • Kit Shotgun (20 Per Player): 450%+ Random Ascendant Shotgun + 250 Ammo • Kit Compound (20 Per Player): 450%+ Random Ascendant Bow + 250 Arrows • Kit Flak (50 Per Player): Full Set Ascendant Flak ~1k Durability • Kit Crossbow (30 Per Player): Random Ascendant Crossbow + 50 Grapples • Kit C4 (30 Per Player): C4 Detonator and 50 C4. • Kit Rocket (30 Per Player): 2 Rocket Launchers and 20 Rockets • Kit Tek Grenade (10 Per Player): 10 Tek Gravity Grenades • Kit Z (10 Per Player): 10 Plant Z Grenades Communal Resources: Before the event begins, defender team will spawn in a series of vaults for attackers to use in their initial setup. Repair/Restock Room – this building will contain several fully-stocked Tek Repair Stations, along with vaults of weaponry/ammo outside of player kits. Building Materials Vaults – There will be a collection of vaults that contain the basic materials for Fobbing, Ramping, Platforming, etc. (in excess). Defending Team Setup/Mechanics Defenders will give attackers 45 minutes from the launch of the event to do any setup, tribe invites, and defensive building before aggression (excluding any attacker to try to raid the base prior). After this point, they will fight back with a series of powerful tools. The Defending team will be using much more powerful tames and equipment than the Attacking team. However, absolutely no admin commands (GodMode, Fly, Ghost, etc) will be used. Defenders will be using the same level 150 Survivors as the attacking team, just with better tames and equipment. Rewards Personal Rewards • Top kills on each defender gets 10,000 points (tracked by each defender) • First player to destroy the Artifact Pedestal in the defender base will receive 10 token boxes • There will be 5 hidden tames around/throughout the base. Any player to score a kill on one of these tames will be awarded 10 VIP Boxes • Top MVP play (voted on by defenders) gets 50 Eliteboxes • Main organizer of attacking raid (Defenders will select a collection of players who were helping to rally the Attack team and have a Discord vote) gets 5 Token Boxes • ++ Ronnie will be watching for good teamwork, good sportsmanship and people who organize and help each other. Those will be recorded by Ronnie and given personal gift cards to the shop. Multiples can be earned. Primary Reward (Increased Quality Event) • If the base is not entirely raided, then for every tower or wall dropped by attackers, the server will receive a 5% increased loot quality event for 48 hours when the raid event ends. • If the base is successfully breached/wiped, the entire server will receive a 50% increased quality event for 48 hours after the raid event ends. NEW: Creative Rewards • Most Creative or Well-Produced video of the event. We will allow submissions of videos for one (1) week after the event takes place. You may use multiple points of view, however the video must not contain any voice communications if you are in the EliteArk Discord during the event. The video must be submitted knowing that full posting/usage rights will pass onto Ronnie at EliteArk. The top 3 videos will be chosen by Ronnie and the EliteArk Discord community will vote on the one they like the most! The winner will receive 10,000 points, 20 Loot Boxes and 10 Token Boxes. The runner up will receive 5,000 points, 10 Loot Boxes and 5 Token Boxes. • Top 3 Screenshots. We will allow submissions for one (1) week after the event takes place. Screenshots must be submitted knowing that full posting/usage rights will pass onto Ronnie at EliteArk. Winning screenshots will be selected by Ronnie and the Admin Team. Winners will receive 2,000 points each and 5 Loot Boxes.
  7. On Discord people often ask, "When is the next wipe?" or "How long since the last wipe?". There is a common urge to wait and only join an Ark Survival Evolved PVP Server when it is fresh. To give yourself a head start and stop your base being easily raided by the alphas. But it is different on EliteArk. And waiting for a wipe might be a mistake for you and your tribe. Don't believe us? Let's break it down... 1) Newbie Protection On EliteArk you automatically receive 72 hours of Newbie Protection when you join the server. This gives 100% immunnity to your structures and tames when they are close to your ORP Pillar. This means even if you're starting later than everyone else you have plenty of time with these increased unofficial rates to build a well defended base. Then when your Newbie protection ends the bases you can raid have been around longer and are likely to have much better loot within them! 2) Points Playing on EliteArk Ark Servers will passively earn you points. Check your in-game points balance at any time by typing /points in chat. These points can be redeemed in-game for tames, resources and even blueprints. But even better, points carry over between wipes. This means the sooner you start playing the more points you can have when the next wipe happens. You can speed up how many points you get by doing in-game quests where extra points and Element are awarded for killing certain wild creatures. 3) Trading The best lines take time to be bred. High stat creatures need to be found and tamed. Stats need to be combined. This takes days and often weeks from the start of a wipe. But if you're joining partway through a wipe you can trade with other tribes and get powerful bred dinos super fast! Many tribes will trade for in-game points or in-game resources. So there you have it! If you're wanting to get into Ark Unofficial PVP don't wait for a wipe. Instead jump right in on EliteArk and make the most of the catchup mechanisms available for you joining the server mid-season.