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  1. During the EliteArk Season maps will wipe from time to time. Wipes are always announced at least 24hrs ahead of time via the Discord. When a map wipes you can transfer everything to another map of your choice. This is a quick guide on how to prepare for a Map Wipe on EliteArk. 1) Find a new map The EliteArk Season system means that not all maps are wiping at the same time. You want to find another map that your tribe can call home. Find a safe spot and build a base to protect everything you're taking off the map that is wiping. Tip: Check Discord for what maps last wiped so that the map you move to isn't wiped soon. 2) Transfer your tames and items to the new map Using the SS Transmitter you can move your tames and items between maps. This can take a while so make sure you get your tribe mates to help! You can start moving items whenever you're ready so it is up to you if you do this at the last minute or space it out over a few days. 3) Transfer your character Make sure your character is transferred to a map that isn't wiping! If you leave your character on a wiping map it will be permanently lost, along with your tribe membership on other maps and imprints. The most important thing about preparing for a wipe is to get your character safely onto another map. You are welcome to move as much or as little from the wiping map. It's totally okay to just take the basics or if you prefer you can take all your resources and even pickup your old base structures. But whatever hasn't been moved by the time the map wipes is gone forever and will not be replaced by the admins. Fresh maps normally launch around 12PM EST (Google '12PM EST' to find out what time that is for you). To give Ronnie time to get the map ready it is normally wiped at least an hour or two prior. Please make sure you are fully moved off the map by 10AM EST on wipe day to be safe. There you go - that's how to prepare for a map wipe on EliteArk. Following these simple steps will allow your tribe to carry their progress forward through the whole season.
  2. EliteArk runs a unique system for wiping our maps. The struggle with a 25x Unofficial Ark Cluster is that tribes can farm fast, build big and this has two problems: Big bases cause a lot of LAG New tribes don't stand a chance against the tribes who have built up already In the beginning EliteArk used to wipe every 2~4 weeks and this gave everyone a fair chance to build up and get started. The problem was that for many players it meant there was a very limited sense of progression, little point to breeding and after a few wipes it started to become very repetitive. This is why Ronnie came up with the idea of a Season - something very different to how most high rates unofficial ark servers are run. Seasons on EliteArk last for 3+ months. They allow tribes to keep their progression with lines, blueprints and resources. But it requires all the big tribes to regularly move their base to a new map if they want to keep their progression. This means that players playing for the whole season can keep their progress but it also means that tribes joining later into the season have a really good chance against the existing tribes. Each map during the season lasts for roughly 3~6 weeks. Once a map finishes a tribe must transfer all of their loot onto a different map if they want to keep it. Maps are wiped in a rotation. Normally only 2 or 3 maps of the 10+ maps wipe at any one time. This means you can safely move from one map to another without fear of that next map being wiped in the short-term. When a map is wiped, for the first 48 hours only characters can be transferred. This means that all tribes must fight fairly with only what they have obtained on that map - nobody can bring their dinos or blueprint items from elsehwere to give them an advantage. After the first 48hrs of a map all tribes receive Newbie Protection for 72hrs. This protection allows new tribes three days to continue to build up. For new tribes joining mid-way through a season you essentially have FIVE DAYS to get established if you join when a map wipes. For existing tribes it is a big task to move their base every 3~6 weeks. Having to move their base makes them vulnerable to other tribes and it means there is rarely just one big alpha tribe for the entire season. When the Season reaches its' end a total wipe takes place. This is where every single map is wiped and all tribes lose their characters, tames, blueprints and resources. This system has been tweaked but has proved incredibly popular. It caters to the smaller tribes and really gives them a fighting chance compared to the old system. It also keeps the larger tribes interested because they can properly enjoy the Ark end-game with huge raids, advanced breeding and all that goes with it. What are you waiting for? Join EliteArk and experience the Season system for yourself!