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  1. to see the server wipe monthly rather than every 6-10 days, just when small tribes get built to a healthy spot the server wipes. this is usually when smaller tribes finally farm enough resources to actually raid the alpha or larger tribes, which sucks. we would like to get to use what we farmed for for a week.
  2. lucifer

    Blocked Quetz SE

    they are not framing you you apparently don't have any idea what others in your tribe are doing its ok though,, there is nothing alpha about your tribe any way ,, all liar cheat and bully. maybe not you specifically but plenty of others. alpha tribes don't have to prove their masculinity to servers by trolling 2 man tribes that aren't even a threat. how does that make you alpha? that only shows how childish your thought process is if you believe bullying the small tribes is what makes you an alpha tribe on any server. exploits and cheating are definitely not the way to that either. rules are NOT made to be broken, and just because you don't get caught it does not mean you didnt cheat. make you a cheater if you do break them.
  3. lucifer

    Blocked Quetz SE

    kill that shit admin they know the rules. they have others blocked also
  4. lucifer

    48 Hour Raid Rule Broken

    what a lie any way the 16th was friday night before you raided us,, that wasnt anything but a fly through in open world obviously,, you should be banned,, liar and cheat
  5. lucifer

    48 Hour Raid Rule Broken

    open world does not a raid make.. and besides we have the right to fly to the obelisk you have built on breaking the rules as well as having your golem attack us.. WHEN YOU RAID US YOU DONT GET $* HOUR PROTECTION. dont be an idiot. that is our protection from you,, then you raided and wiped our base ,, you broke the rule as well as continue to break the rules. when you get banned it will be from your own doing not any of ours we dont care who you are we dont like you and you aren't special,, you are bullies and you will end up regretting it in the end. you can try griefing the admin all you want,but this screenshot is an out right lie.. WE DIDNT EVEN HAVE A LIGHTENING WYVERN LIAR> that night we only saved 1 dragon a red fire. lol you are so stupid you keep catching yourselves in lies the admin can see dumb ass what animals we have when we have them...lol keep it up he may just ban you for lying and making shit up to grief and waste his time...lol you all are so funny you couldn't even wipe 2 people in 8 hours and you got almost no resources and no items any any type for loot..
  6. lucifer


    PLEASE remove this horrendous mod.. we cant even battle effectively as whistling in flight spawns a menu that freezes you i already lost a max dino to this crap mod
  7. lucifer

    ATTENTION ADMIN rules broken

    well the rule does say going home for more shit stops raid.. if you or your tribe leave the raid area for any period of time....
  8. lucifer

    Ban griefing

    be specific and get screenshots of rule breaking ,, open PvP is not rule breaking
  9. lucifer

    Ban griefing

    welcome to pvp,, if you want to pve then join pve, i would rather you learn to survive here and be a pvp'er. this is not griefing
  10. lucifer

    Rules being Broken By ace and Zulu

    that is not the case . there was a rule that took affect after their base was built that didnt allow building in that biome , rather than move they chose to stay with the stipulation that the admin set forth of no repairs or adding to that base. this was agreement they accepted rather than moving the base from a restricted area. when raided they broke this rule , by repairing the base during raid which set them in violation. the admin had a discussion of which i was not privy and can not speculate as to what was said or done in finality, but the situation was handled fairly i presume. moral of the story is admin made a stand when rules were being challenged, and with discretion.
  11. lucifer

    Rules being Broken By ace and Zulu

    we are happy to follow up on this, the admin was very pleasant to deal with on this issue, and handled business. i as well as my tribe are happy to see that there actually is a server where the admins take care of implementing their rules and punishing for breaking them , all within reason. we appreciate having a great place to game . thank you
  12. lucifer

    Rules being Broken By ace and Zulu

    no problem . i dont think any of us are online anyway we . this all happened last night and we just decided to wait and let you have chance to do whatever before we go further.. thank you for you time.
  13. lucifer

    Rules being Broken By ace and Zulu

    this is the specific conversation with admin about ACE and their illegal base built in the underground , we contacted him prior to raid. apparently the rule is less than 2 weeks old as the server wiped 2 weeks ago and we know the base has existed since we started a week ago. during raid repairs were being made consistently , at which time we decided to discontinue the raid pending admin review. we are still waiting for a response. we will continue to destroy them and all of their bases when this situation is handled by the admin. the large picture is the statement from the admin and the 2 following are from our tribe log showing the destruction, as well as them admitting the repair. action should be taken . http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198031721761/screenshots/, http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198031721761/screenshots/