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  1. Carnage

    offline raiding

    how do u come to that...i was on in the am and not till after 6pm est. ..i was in the ER all afternoon witm a member of the fam. so u tell me how that is possable
  2. Carnage

    offline raiding

    ok...admin log into game plase....the tribe A.dmin abuse broke anoter rule on offline raiding...evertything is gone....
  3. Carnage

    15x server down

    lol this is not a good sign
  4. Carnage

    15x server down

    it just went down again lol again on a ptero and lost in open world ...lol rip ptero
  5. Carnage

    15x sever down?

    after the patch both servers are not showing up...if u can when u guys get to it that would be great thank you
  6. Carnage

    The waiting game

    its saying mod mismatch?? how do we fix it?
  7. Carnage

    15x Server down

    is our sever gone for good?? can you gys make it a dual map and center back to 15x?? the way it was??
  8. what happent to the other modded center map we had toons on?? wiped? is it scorched now? if so what happend to the xp buff stuff...its not doing it taking forever to lv up now
  9. Carnage

    15x Server down

    lol im guessing the same here also
  10. Carnage

    15x Server down

    lol 15x all server down again?
  11. Carnage


    lol its the chinese!!!!