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  • Structures are set to AUTO DEMOLISH. You MUST "Visit" your structures to reset the timer. Structures such as crop plots, storage boxes and thatch will auto demolish after 1.75 days. So be sure to visit all your x plants.




    If you contact an admin about a rule breaking and get no response, its usually because you provided NO evidence. Please include evidence in original email/Steam pm and a brief summary. Simply messaging an admin via email or steam chat with "help" or similiar will be ignored. ark survival evolved.


    15x Server Rules

    All server rules and regulations are subject to change at any time.
    Depending on the rules//severity, the player is subject to a warning, temporary ban, or permanent ban. An admin will take each violation on a case by case basis and without prejudice. Not every rule is an immediate ban.


    72)     -All msgs will be ignored by admins without original screenshot proof in first message of any rule violation.

             -ALL new players/tribes who join the server have 72 hour protection from everyone, this is including their dinos and structures.

             -If the new player(s)/ tribes raid ANY base then 72 hour timer goes away and punishment for raiding before 72 timer is up will be invoked.

             - This only applies to bases not open world pvp and only to your MAIN base, be sure to have screenshots to prove violations.

             -This doesn't apply if a new player joins another tribe that is established. It does not transfer to them or you.

             -I have logs of when your player is created, so don't cheat the system.

             -  72Hr Hour tribes can only have one base during their 72 hour protection.

             -You CANNOT circle their base, wait for them to leave, camp outside their base etc.

             - Open world pvping does not count as raiding, HOWEVER, if a 72 hour tribe is caught actively seeking out world pvping, then their 72 hours will be taken off without warning.

             -You must ADD "72hr" at BEGINNING of TRIBE NAME. Once 72hr is complete, must be taken off tribe name. Failure to take down the name will result in penalties to your base and/or dinos immediately. So don't overstay the 72 hours. I do and WILL check every 72 hour protection I see, so please remember your time, I have all the logs of exact times.

             -This rule can and will be adjusted at moments notice.



    00000) No building at the volcano on the island map.

    0000) You cannot attach c4 to a dino, enemy base or in the vicinity of their base while they are offline. Furthermore, you cannot setup a FOB in any fashion while an enemy is offline.

    000) You are only allowed to change tribe name once per wipe cycle.

    00) NO placing forge makers in any way, shape or form other then at your OWN base to craft the forges.

    0) C4 bombing is allowed.

    -1) No placing turrets down while looting drops or for any potential spawning drops. Furthermore, NO placing turrets or turret towers to block artifacts, loot crates etc EVEN IF its temporary. NO placing turrets down even if its temporary when you are out farming.

    1) No hacking or abusing any game bugs and game exploits.

    2) No racism or verbal bullying ingame. Zero tolerance. I take this rule the most serious out of them all. I don't care if you have 10000 hours on the server. You can pvp and trash talk while still keeping it fun and not getting personal and nasty. Be smart, zero tolerance is in effect for this rule.

    3) Cave building IS allowed EXCEPT caves that contain Loot crates. Artifact caves ARE allowed to be built in, if its just artifacts.

    4) No placing ANY structure to block any area. No blocking resource spawns with random structures or small bases. No placing structures near an enemy base to cause harassment. No placing any structure for future building or holding any spot even if its temporary. Random buildings found will have ALL TRIBE structures wiped from map on a case by case basis by an admin. So if you have a new person in your tribe, make sure they did NOT build random buildings on the beach or any location.

    5) When participating in events, no yelling in voice chat, no spam, no fighting, killing etc is allowed unless authorized by an admin. Especially in "Team Events" no intentional killing is allowed whatsoever. Keep your tribe vs tribe drama outside the arena.

    6) No putting someone unconscious for an extended period of time. 30 min max jail time only if you're raiding someone or being raided yourself. This means NO RANDOM JAILING.

    7) No Illegal substance talk. No foul mouth potty talk.

    8) Any Dino//item lost due to patches, lag, mods, bugs etc etc will not always be replaced. It is a case by case basis. An admin will assess the situation and determine if it will be replaced. Don't assume every dino or item will be replaced. Remember, this is Ark, it's filled with bugs.

    9) You must follow every single rule when playing in an Event. Especially no pvp in any form when in the arena staging area. Zero Tolerance for offenders.

    10) No using any moded Tranq weapons in any way, shape or form on players or tamed dinos. Clubs and punching are allowed. Old fashioned bow and dart gun are ok. Along with the club.

    11) No blocking a Quetzal, Plesio, or ANY DINO rider with any building or object. No invisible or glass structures on an platform dinos. You CANNOT have YOUR RIDER touch ANY structure on the Dino. What this means, is if a foundation, wall etc is touching the rider, its in violation. MANNED turrets are allowed, just not automatic turrets. No making a "box" around a quetzal, BRONTO or down the sides  that is greater then 1 regular sized wall or ramp in length. Also, the driver MUST be visible to the point of being able to be shot at clearly from 3 sides. Don't manipulate the rule to your liking. For example, if it takes a couple tries from an angle to pick, it is not considered legit. ANYONE who is found to be violating this rule will lose all dino's including the entire tribes subject to admin's decision. NO glass structures on any platform dino.

    12) Raided bases that have not had a member log in within 48 hours gets all tribe structures destroyed.

    13) Do not build, block etc on player spawn locations.

    14) No Titans tamed

    15) One character per player. No second accounts to exploit offline protection, if you are caught, entire tribe gets banned for life.

    16) No building in Underground biome   

    17) The Mercy Rule

    Available to tribes that have been on the server for at least 5 days.
    When a tribe has been raided and essentially wiped to the point of starting over they can contact an admin to request that the mercy rule be invoked. If an admin agrees the following will occur.
    The tribe:
    Will have all its structues and dinos destroyed.
    LARGE amount of Points given to tribe to rebuild.

    A PVP SAFE ZONE pillar will be placed. It has a 6000 circle radius. Inside you cannot get damaged, nor can your dinos or structures. You cant even get picked by enemy flyers. This will remain for 48 hours.

    While on the 48 hour mercy protection, if you raid ANYTHING, even a 2x2 stone hut or snipe dinos at a base etc, the protection immediately ends and the pillar will be destroyed.  You may protect yourself in open world pvp.

    ALL points given for mercy must be used during this 48 hours, after 48 hours, any points left over will be wiped, any points traded to another player will have that players points removed, and so on and so forth.

    NOTICE: In an effort to reduce lag on our servers; taming Bronto's has been disabled.
    NOTICE: Do NOT put more than 250 levels into a single stat.  If you do, your stat will reset upon death. 


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