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  • :EliteArk: DISCORD RULES :EliteArk:
    1.   No Racism
    2.  No Spamming
    3.  No Promoting Servers outside EliteArk
    4.  Keep Trash talking to a minimum or go to #deleted-channel channel
    5.  Personal Attacks are not allowed by any means. [You will be punished]
    Example; "Leaking Personal Info" "Posting Pictures of another user"

    If you are caught personally attacking players/users in the discord or in the servers, you will be punished. We do not allow any personal attacks.
    :EliteArk: GLOBAL SERVER RULES :EliteArk:
    1. No hacking or abusing any game bugs and game exploits.
    2. No racism or verbal bullying in-game including any slang variants. Zero tolerance. This rule will be taken very seriously. You can PvP and trash talk while keeping it fun and not getting personal and nasty. Be smart, zero tolerance is in effect for this rule.
    3. No Illegal substance talk. No foul mouth “potty” talk.
    :EliteArk: ELITEARK SERVER RULES :EliteArk:

    🔥 read main f1 main page for protection rule. 🔥


    ➡️ Rules can be added and changed or altered at any time, be sure to check up frequently
    ➡️ Repeated attacks on fresh spawns will get you banned without notice

    :EliteArk:  GENERAL RULES :EliteArk:

    1️⃣ No hacking or abusing any game bugs and exploits or plugin/mod bugs and exploits.
    2️⃣ No racism, hate speech or verbal bullying ingame, zero tolerance. This rule is enforced strictly. There is 0 tolerance with this rule. PvP, have fun but keep it clean. This also includes illegal substance talk.
    3️⃣ you are only allowed to change tribe name once per wipe cycle.
    4️⃣ When participating in events, no yelling in voice chat and no spamming text.
    5️⃣ No using crop plots to snipe from in an way.
    6️⃣ Bases that have not had a member log in within 48 hours gets all tribe structures destroyed. No exceptions.
    7️⃣ One character per player. No second accounts to exploit offline protection, if you are caught, entire tribe gets banned for life.
    8️⃣ Any dino lost due to patches, lag, mods, bugs etc etc will not always be replaced. It is a case by case basis. An admin will assess the situation and determine if it will be replaced. Any item or bp will never be replaced due to too many people falsifying what was lost. please don’t ask.
    9️⃣ NEW Protection system only works inside your /orp radius. Tribes who have protection are not allowed to raid those who dont have protection. Orp will be removed for that tribe if they do. You Cannot attack tribes who have protection. IE Drain turrets. etc.
    :10GOGN: Insiding is IP bannable across our network. However, great proof has to be provided that insiding has taken place. WE  DO NOT REPLACE ANY ITEMS STOLEN OR LOST DUE TO INSIDING. YOU INVITED THEM, YOU TRUSTED THEM
    :EliteArk: BUILDING RULES :EliteArk:

    1️⃣ Two bases per tribe.(This is two separate locations, within same vicinity, multiple buildings counts as one) includes all dino pens. any third base found will get automatically deleted without notice.
    2️⃣ Absolutely no building within the mesh. Anyone found will be admin wiped immediately.
    3️⃣ No building whatsoever @ any of the following locations: wyvern egg nests, scar or wyvern cave, castle, pearl cave, any obelisk,, nor any player spawn locations. No building in Lava Golem/IceQueen Caves (or their exits). Not at The Center> Underground Biome Any bases found will be removed immediately.
    Building in artifact caves only are ok as long as there are no loot drops.
    4️⃣ No placing turrets down while looting drops or for any potential spawning drops. No placing turrets down to protect yourself in open world pvping or while taming dinos. IE Farming, looting drops etc.
    5️⃣ No placing any structure or turret to harass enemy bases (when raiding is not happening), future building spots. Random buildings/turrets found will be structure wiped from the map on case by case basis. If you invite someone new to your tribe, please make sure of the above.
    7️⃣ No using vacuum chambers on land. Furthermore, no using them outside their designed intended use to be able to build underwater.
    8️⃣ No building in water cracks. The map spots where only a player/small dino can only fit.
    9️⃣ Spamming of structures is only allowed within 20 Foundations of a Base/Turret Tower or FOB.
    :EliteArk: RAIDING RULES :EliteArk:

    1️⃣ You may not setup a fob while tribe is offline or any explosives/dinos.
    3️⃣ You must remove all structures related to your FOB after you are done raiding or the enemy logs off AND their base is at full ORP. You MAY attack anything outside their orp radius, so long as you do not set up a FOB.
    4️⃣ NO teaming to raid a tribe or to come to a mutual aid defense of a tribe at their base. Raiding fobs, or attacking a tribe's fob is fine. You CAN leave your tribe and join another tribe so long as its still the 6 man cap total.
    :EliteArk: PLATFORM DINO//BOAT RULES :EliteArk:
    1️⃣ You may block the rider provided the structures being used do not create turret line of site shielding for the DINO itself. AKA dino needs to take damage from all sides.
    Manned turrets are allowed. No making a "box" around a Dino or down the sides that is greater then 1 regular sized vanilla wall or ramp in length.
    Don't manipulate the rule to your liking. For example, placing dynamic pillars with behemoth hatchframes hanging off to create turret line of sight, or building a tunnel (poker) with a door at the end for placement of c4, is not considered legit. NO Tunnel/Poker builds.
    Boats-- You cannot use tunnels /poker builds