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12,000 +30%extra= 15600 Points

12,000 +30%extra= 15600 Points

  • You are not buying any in game items, but you are donating the amount. As a thank you for donating, I will give you the points you chose. **Any item or Dino lost due to lag, personal negligence, bugs, etc will not be replaced**Wipes can happen at any time. Thank You for supporting the server!! THIS IS NON REFUNDABLE FOR ANY REASON. Especially if you break ANY of the rules or conditions of the server. By selecting Yes you agree to these terms and understand that you are donating towards the server and not for the sole purpose of any item's or dino's and you will NEVER dispute the charges. By selecting this purchase you agree to ALL our terms,rules and conditions.

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  • IN GAME NAME(If you have a common name, use STEAM name)

About 12,000 +30%extra= 15600 Points

12,000 +30%extra= 15600 Points